Game Theory: Don’t Listen To Her! (Amanda The Adventurer)

Game Theory: Don’t Listen To Her! (Amanda The Adventurer)

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Friends, today we’re FINALLY doing our theory on Amanda The Adventurer, the full game! We’ve covered Amanda before but it was WAY back in the demo phase. Now that the FULL game is out there is SO much more to theorize about. Everything from Wooly, to Sam Colton to Hamelin, it ALL needs to be solved… and I know JUST the guy to do it!

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51 Responses

  1. HypnoSpace Outlaw says:

    My favorite part about Amanda is that the plot is basically “What if you could actually give Dora the Wrong Directions?”.

  2. IllegalCheeseCake🇵🇱 says:

    tbh, wooly seems more like an employee trying to keep the demon under control than a parent trying to keep his kid calm and happy.

    • Dronz says:

      I think Wooly is the demon, trying to keep Amanda on-script so they can keep the kidnappings going. I mean, the “Demon Amanda” that comes out to kill you has wool over her eyes, and in the “Don’t help the kitten” ending, we see that happen. The entire background is gone except the Woolie model, though only limbs and a head, because his wool is infecting Amanda so she can attack.

    • IllegalCheeseCake🇵🇱 says:

      @Dronz thats unlikely because wooly is trying to keep amanda calm and not have murderous thoughts, which seems like the exact opposite of what the demon wants amanda to do.
      About the demon model, the wool is an interesting thing to point out but those could just be eyes and the demon has amanda’s hair. The eyes do definitely look like wool and wooly’s lack of wool in that tape does seem to connect so maybe the demon possesses both?
      Lastly, in the tape where Rebeca is chanting the names of the demons pretty much confirms that Rebeca (AKA Amanda) is possessed by the demon so it wouldn’t make much sense for the demon to be in another body like wooly. The demon would have to be possessing the game instead which isn’t implied in the game at all.

    • KD better says:

      I saw a comment on another video pointing out the intro without wooly (the last coloring book tape), there’s no intro music like all the others. instead, it’s Amanda singing the intro music. no clue if it’s anything at all but I found it interesting

    • KD better says:

      @IllegalCheeseCake🇵🇱 lots of parents were starting to not let their kids watch the show because the subject matter was getting weird, so I can understand why an employee would try to keep that type of content off the show. they want to reach as many kids as possible, cant do that when parents are shutting the television off

    • DeathWalker420 says:

      ​@KD better if the employee did that then why does the tapes still exist ….. Theory debunked. Try again

  3. Aladite says:

    I feel like Sam isn’t exactly Wooly, because in the farm scene where Amanda asks what the father chicken is called, if you type sam, the barn in the background looks directly at you. And it really looks like that barn knows whats all going on, seeing as it’s not at all like the other objects with eyes on them. Heavily breathing, eyes bloodshot, and in pure torment

    • 🌟 S A N D O / DEMONIC-GLASS🌟 says:

      EXACTLY I THINK SAM IS THE BARN IT WOULD MAKE SM SENSE because if they were going to trap Sam there, It would make more sense to trap him in something that CANNOT talk over something that can say or do whatever they want like Wooly

    • Collin Smith says:

      I definitely agree

    • foxy_da_pirate vods says:

      There’s an easteregg where if you type in a specific name, Wooly says something, i can’t remember what, i think it was during the scene where you address the parcel

    • ThunZur says:

      @🌟 S A N D O / DEMONIC-GLASS🌟 true. why would they even let someone that threatens their plans become one of the mc, it wouldnt make any sense

    • Pineapple says:

      The chicken’s look at you too.

      In fact there is no clue of who Wooly is.

  4. rhemorse says:

    I believe this Pied Piper connection is what is going to really crack this game’s lore open. It’s heavily implying that the Amanda tapes are luring/hypnotizing kids to somehow off themselves, like the pied piper and the kids in the story. The new question is figuring out what role Rebecca plays in all this. Is the controlling it? Or is she a victim of this demon too?

  5. Ethan S says:

    I don’t think wooly is Amanda’s dad, she clearly hates him. Amanda keeps talking about unpleasant subjects most likely to get parents attention and make kids stop watching the show, Wooly on the other hand is trying to stop her and even says “nothing is rotten” like he’s trying to gaslight her. Not to mention her monster form with wool covering the eyes- its literally “pulling the wool over her eyes”
    I think he’s ment to be the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” pretending everything is fine so they can lure in more children

    • Oscar Cacnio says:

      While I do agree that Wooly isn’t Sam Colton, I could see the argument for it.
      A child gets angry at their father for his mistake, believing that it is the father who is hurting them. Thus, the animosity towards Wooly. Rebecca thinks her dad betrayed her, so she takes out all her anger on him.

      Personally, I think Wooly is meant to be the Containment Specialist or a lesser daemon put in charge.

    • bluelfsuma says:

      Yoooo, I hadn’t thought about “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Genius!

    • PotatoDuck says:

      I was just about to point that out! Also, id say “Baa Lamb” kinda hints for Wooly’s true identity as well.

    • HopeIsADrug says:


    • XxlamaxX says:

      Yeah I actually agree that wooly isn’t sam, because he acts like a brother to her. (Yes I know, Amanda/ Rebecca doesn’t have a brother) tbh it’s still not clear what’s wooly’s identity. But let me say something about the demon eyes that looks like wool. I don’t think the eyes are covered in wool, because when she has a breakdown about Riley not helping the kitten (which represents Rebecca), she gets closer to the screen when we see Amanda has the eyes, and you can see there are slightly white pupils.
      Now I wanna talk about th ending where you agree to help the lonely kitten, what I think when we agree to help her. She starts smiling very creepily, which actually leads to the meat ending. I believe that Hamlin production was in control of Amanda at that moment, and I believe the demon who trapped Amanda and the other souls in the show, lured Riley and turned them into meat, just like how mat mentioned that the whole game is based of the piped piper story. Now that’s just my opinion, what do you think ?

  6. Jullia Capybara says:

    If Sam is Wooly, the implication that Rebecca(Amanda) is constantly bullying her own dad without knowing makes this so much more brutal.

    • Angela Scotney says:


    • דביר ג'רבי says:

      I think it actually works well if she might think of her father as someone who “sold her” and when stuff gone bad he “left” (or venished, but she might does not know that). She than see him resembeling her father and getting angry at her because she she him as both resposible for that and not being there when she needed (both loterally but also emotionally) him the most

    • דביר ג'רבי says:

      Like, imagine a kid that have been left alone by his parents, had been through bad stuff alone, and than finds them with the power structure slightly in their (the kid’s) favor. It is likely that they will act put of resentmant for their parents even if they still like them…

    • Angela Scotney says:

      Why are you agreeing with a bot?😂@דביר ג’רבי

    • דביר ג'רבי says:

      @Angela Scotney didn’t notice and the bot actually was relevent tp the video for a chqnge

  7. Cereal is a soup says:

    Amanda sounds like one of those kids in kindergarten who’ll go batshit crazy if you don’t give her a Dino nuggie when she asks you.

  8. CCABP says:

    This makes sense. Sam Colton never once mentions Wooly, suggesting Wooly only came into existence after HamelN “got rid” of Sam.

    • BlueCrystal Animatez says:


    • Ck says:

      Or wooly is Sam is dead soul trying to warn us

    • Leslie Thomas says:

      Idk there’s just too many things wooly does that doesn’t align with him being Rebecca’s father. Asking children to come back to the neighborhood even though the only reason kids go to the neighborhood is by being taken, always forcing Amanda not to call for help, always forcing Amanda to forget her past none of this seems fatherly

    • Steph Wong says:

      Um sam does mention wooley. When on the talk show he mentions wooleys read a thon or something

  9. SixStringsBroken says:

    I feel like there’s one bit of symbolism in the game that can’t be ignored. When Amanda turns into the monster, those white dots on her face aren’t eyes. They’re WOOL. So someone is “pulling the wool over her eyes”, keeping her from knowing the truth. Surely that isn’t just a coincidence.

  10. KatsukiBakugou says:

    Wooly sounds like that one mysterious, innocent looking side character who turns out to be the secret manipulative master behind it all

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