Game Theory: FNAF, Help Wanted 2 Proves Us RIGHT!

Game Theory: FNAF, Help Wanted 2 Proves Us RIGHT!

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To round out the year of FNAF I think it’s only fitting we talk about Help Wanted 2. This game had some MAJOR lore reveals and seemingly confirmed A LOT of the things we’ve been theorizing about over here for the past year or so! That’s always a good feeling, but there is one thing specifically that this game alludes to that just might change EVERYTHING we thought we knew about Five Nights At Freddy’s…
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35 Responses

  1. @AnvilPro100 says:

    This feels like the most straightforward FNAF theory in years. Like the story just makes more sense and is more easy to understand than it has been since FNAF 6

    • @overkillgaming1424 says:

      fnaf has matured as a francise tbh lol

    • @dannycooper3928 says:


    • @AuraOwl2 says:

      ​@@overkillgaming1424 I feel like they regressed during security breach as matpat said, “there were too many ideas that went everywhere” I’m paraphrasing but still, glad they are on track again

    • @newme4462 says:

      Not really ngl, ever since HELP WANTED and AR, the lore got so confusing to the point the lote became kinda boring ngl haha

    • @_Flame9029 says:

      tbh you could easily have a headcanon of a story with the release of ucn, with every following release after that lore got wild and overall became progressively worse with more games released

  2. @yongqianchen4037 says:

    I can’t help but feel surprised to see MatPat is still somewhat sane

  3. @hagenspringtrap9431 says:

    And this is why I believe matpat without hesitation when it comes to FNAF. He pulls out a random theory, then by the next game it’s made explicitly clear that it’s canon

  4. @kirby-zd9js says:

    For however long this series goes, for however ludicrous the lore expands, for whoever picks up the franchise down the line, I will still cherish Matpat gushing over this wild game series

  5. @williamklemp3764 says:

    As someone who has NEVER played a fnaf game, I am proud to see my boy, MatPat, finally getting his dues 😂

  6. @Mili_sweet_girl.1995 says:

    Never underestimate matpats theories again. He is almost always 100% with his theory’s

  7. @Sanic2024 says:

    Matpat never fails to shove lore down our endoskeletons

    • @oliverpuppetproductions8753 says:

      “erm- acktually this video isnt lore accurate because-“🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 its a game about robot bears bruh it’s not that serious bro

    • @UTTP_Destroy_All_Fandoms says:


  8. @MaRaMa-ARTZ says:

    It’s not a loop, it’s a spiral!

    Man, I really wish we had MatPat in the Alan Wake fandom. Watching this video only made me think how similar these fandoms are with all the hidden lore and mind blowing plot twists.

  9. @colekiesler6218 says:

    If Candy Cadet can help solve more of the hidden lore pieces through his stories. Then that means he could possibly be MatPat’s FNAF Lore theorist guide of the century.

  10. @colekiesler6218 says:

    The fact that FNAF games do this thing where they add an extra detail of a past event of previous entries such as the Bonnie mask for example, shows us that the FNAF lore is truly no joke.

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