Game Theory: FNAF, I SOLVED Ruin! (Security Breach)

Game Theory: FNAF, I SOLVED Ruin! (Security Breach)

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Loyal Theorists, today I’m tackling one of the most recent FNAF BOMBSHELLS. The recent reveals of The Mimic, The Storyteller, and GGY have set the FNAF community ablaze. What does all this mean? You mean MatPat was RIGHT when he kept saying that the books were important? How does this all tie into Ruin and the larger FNAF story? Well, I’m here to answer all of those questions for you friends. So sit down in front of the HUGE white tiger animatronic… because it’s time for a STORY!

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45 Responses

  1. Cinos says:

    theory: matpat is patient 46 and his therapists exploded from the stress of trying to comprehend fnaf lore

  2. Just Some Gal says:

    Markiplier might be the king of FNAF but Matpat deserves the title of “King of FNAF lore”

  3. noobsley says:

    Therapist: What’s bothering you?
    MatPat: Fnaf…
    Therapist: Can you explain more?
    MatPat: Oh boy..

  4. Primeval Frost says:

    It’s crazy to think that i saw your first FNAF theory when I was just a young kid in primary school. now I’m finishing college and still watching.
    Thanks Matpat for years of entertainment and here’s to another awesome decade 🍻

  5. Cole Kiesler says:

    To this day it still amazes me that MatPat still works his hardest on not giving up on the FNAF lore. Also when MatPat does not mention Music Man then this game theory video will start to get serious.

  6. BlazeRBX says:

    As we watch Matpat’s sanity unfold it’s like reading in on his own lore, like he’s generating some complex lore that we have to find out now

  7. cosmo says:

    i like the idea that no matter how many times william “always comes back”, charlie will be there to see that he’s put back to rest and kassidy won’t be far behind to see that he suffers

  8. CBKJoker says:

    It just hit me. Either Scott told a group of developers what the story is and they have not said anything. Or there are two cannons Scott’s and the team that made security breach.

  9. M & Artroom says:

    I totally get why Mat is convinced Gregory is a robot mastermind but… you play the game and i just can’t help but think he’s just some lovable slightly sassy lost kid gosh dang it 😂

  10. EgSauce says:

    Fuhnaf telling Matt that “Charlie is in the pizzaplex” for Matt to try & write it off months ago. And yet here we are.
    These next gen theorists brought me back to FNAF.

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