Game Theory: FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! (FNAF VR Help Wanted)

Game Theory: FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! (FNAF VR Help Wanted)

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What if we rethink the ENTIRE lore of FNAF? I’m talking taking it back to the crying child, Afton and the original suits and a mysterious Orange – yes ORANGE – Man that no one was able to figure out. What if William Afton was not the only bad guy in the story? What if someone drove Afton into becoming Purple Guy? What if Henry had a bigger part to play all along? Today we are rewriting Five Nights at Freddy’s with a new twist based on NEW evidence.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Josh Langman, Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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76 Responses

  1. Ganon Tice says:

    Matpat: this will be the last fnaf video!

    Scott: HAHAHAHAHA _no._

  2. Cory's Schnitzel says:

    I also think it’s cool how yellow (Henry) and purple (William) are complimentary colours!

  3. Colin Jones says:

    MatPat: Starts talking about FNAF lore

    Me: Still waiting for Game Theory intro

  4. Higher Places says:

    Nearly a decade now of hearing the closing line.
    “And that’s just a theory, a GAME THEORY!
    Thanks for watching!”
    It still hasn’t lost its charm, warmth and honesty.

  5. IshakuWasHere says:

    “Emily is a weird last name!”
    Coming from a man whose last name is ‘Patrick’

  6. Crispin Creme says:

    Y’all complain about the last name Emily while I’m here with the last name of a Columbian drug lord

  7. cats rule says:

    Oh god we’re going to go down this rabbit hole again hopefully MatPat will stay sane

  8. Fiona O'Driscoll says:

    MatPat finally figures out the lore to fnaf for years.

    MatPat: Damn im good!!

    Scott Cawthon: whatever kid….

  9. Leah says:

    MatPat: So are you confused or think I’m right

    Theorists: Yes

  10. Jay jaySama says:

    Matpat: *says that it possibly wasn’t the Afton household but the Emily’s*
    Me: *about to have a stroke after reading The Fourth Closet*

  11. FubblyYT says:

    Matt: this franchise is finally over!

  12. LittlePotatoMan says:

    What if Scott just made this game into a series because mat got into it with the first one and now wants to mess with him

  13. Tolaco Sama says:

    I am starting to think MatPat is working with Scott Cawthon in making of FNAF, and that’s just a theory, a “GAME THEORY”!

  14. Brandon Twoguns says:

    William and Henry are married

    Boom, both theories combined

  15. Matthew Davidson says:

    Me: Hey, I’ve seen this one, it’s a classic

  16. TRG Afterz says:

    Matpat rethinks the entire timeline

    All the people that watched fnaf theory vids since 2014: AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  17. Florancer says:

    Anyone here doesn’t even play the game but knows the whole story arc completely because of watching MatPat? because *I DO*

  18. Noah Clifford says:

    I was just watching jackcepticeye play kindergarten 2 and nugget said “some people theorize that the nugget pile should be bigger” and I’m pretty sure it was referencing your theory on kindergarten a while back about the nugget cave and if the nugget pile could actually save you!

  19. poof you have problems says:

    Future me: what are you watching
    Me: matpat’s fnaf video
    Future me: oh I liked #397 it was so amazing, until Scott de-confirmed it
    Me: *say sike right now*

  20. hero of the multiverse says:

    Am I the only one thinking ………… purple is the opposite of yellow. That makes Henry yellow, because he is the opposite of afton.????

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