Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you’ve been WAITING to know is – how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!

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45 Responses

  1. Connor Quade says:

    FINALLY!!!! After four years of following this franchise we finally brought it to a close!! Thank you MatPat, you put FNaF back together.

    • Jomarcenter Media says:

      Look like it not. We still have golden freddy left in the series.

    • Jomarcenter Media says:

      the beast gamer boss nah film theory will be used to cover the movie. So technically game theory side of it is over.

    • The Bard of Shale says:

      One question still lingers around this channel MatPat didn’t answer though. We don’t know who Cassidy is, her relation to the story or (and this is the big mind blower question) Why is Cassidy the Quote “One you shouldn’t have killed?” After all, many other lives have been taken so why is Cassidy the one with the most hate? I know that the likely hood of this comment being responded to is low be I just thought I’d throw this overlooked detail that caught my attention onto the theorist’s desk to review.

    • ZebraGazelRobin says:

      #1 on trending!!!

    • ENDE0 Gaming says:

      Connor Quade Petscop CHECK NOW CHANNEL

  2. Vincent Gao says:

    “Last Theory” until Scott releases yet another FNAF game to shatter Matt’s theory, along with his hopes and dreams.

  3. Eddie Zurita says:

    5:29 Astro Boy??

    • Master Vmac says:

      Exactly Astro Boy!

    • Insani-Tea Wonderland says:

      Eddie Zurita no because when he fell off the initial city he tried to hide the fact that he was a robot, or do you mean before he was destroyed with the big robot thing with the glass door? Because in that case I have no idea…

  4. Hana Song says:

    Video starts at the 4 minutes mark

  5. Bat-Spider-Man ! says:

    Internet: MatPat claims he found out the entire FNaF Timeline!!
    Scott: *Hold My Beer*

  6. Michael Nemorin says:

    I’m gonna miss this series!!

  7. TRYSTAN !! says:

    Darn I loved this series

  8. WilierRuby says:

    Damn… I’ve been following this for 4 years…

  9. Paola Oliveros (Student) says:

    The dramatic (not to mention, amazing) to a thrilling saga we all the deserve! MatPat, you’ve done it, FNAF wouldn’t be FNAF without you! Thanks for taking us along!

  10. Histaric Lobster says:


  11. Aaron Gaming says:

    I think scott put the hippo to tell mat pat he is over analyzing fnaf
    But thats just a theory a weird theory

    • MiniMations says:

      Maybe Scott has something bigger planned and we need to watch for games that he might make in the future in cas it hints at anything

  12. FLOHZ says:


    What’s with Balloon Boy & Mangle

    What’s with the older Brother?

    Why is Golden Freddy the “one”?
    I mean obviously he is in the twitching cutscene, but why is it Golden Freddy?

  13. James Cowing says:

    Imagine if scott appears in the comments and just says “nope.”

  14. ElectricCreeperCraft says:

    Well goodbye fnaf theories…

    (Until fnaf 7 comes out that is, I mean come on people you know it’s gonna happen this is what Scott Cawthon does, he makes us think it’s all over and than BOOM fnaf 7 it’s out now people come buy it, play it, and theorize the heck out of it! Goodnight ladies and gentleman!

  15. Sara Luves Pups says:

    So uh I felt like I needed to comment on this so.* deep breath *

    Thank YOU Matpat for making 15 to 25 minute long videos of theorizing animatronics for some reason me being a big scaredy-cat afraid of a lot of things has fun watching this. FNaF may be at the end for now and I know so many more theories coming but taking the time out of your day making a 12 paged long script and editting it having a balance between humor and being serious is amazing, no one can quite make videos like you so


  16. Crossfade421 says:

    *You just know Scott will make another one*

  17. MiniMations says:

    MatPat I have a strong feeling that there is still things that Scott will do or show that there is still things that no one has found yet

  18. MaryXD _ says:


  19. Nadia Escatell says:

    Man people we really need to give MatPat SOME PARTY who do you know who took the time to understand this franchise thank you MatPat thank you spend sometime with your kid

  20. MetalPcAngel says:

    Wise words, Mr. Hippo. Wise words. . .

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