Game Theory: How PewDiePie LOST YouTube to T Series

Game Theory: How PewDiePie LOST YouTube to T Series

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We talked awhile ago about how Pewdiepie was in the perfect position to take over Youtube – and he did. Felix has reigned supreme over all other channels for YEARS…until now. For the first time we are watching in real time as T Series quickly rises to snatch that crown away. How did this happen? Well Theorists, I’m about to tell you!

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82 Responses

  1. Meme Lord says:

    You’ve done Mark and now Felix. Now we need Jack.

  2. PewDiePie says:

    Mat, I like you too, but you somehow missed my points here.
    I don’t doubt that your theory is correct, in fact I know its not impossible. Yes, you can benefit from moving country.
    But what I said in my video was that my channel didn’t. At least not in the way you describe.

    1. I was never featured in Italy (they mostly didn’t feature english speaking channels) here’s an example of the frontpage of italy: during that time.
    2. I was suppressed in Sweden (from american channels people abusing the system). So me admitting that its possible for people to cheat the system =/ me admitting that it happened to me.
    3. When I moved to UK my channel had already grown big.

    Now, obviously I cant prove what the effects would have been without me moving. But the reality is that people are still using your theory as fact. And seeing that you are defending it while ignoring these points is just disappointing.

  3. Cat Topps says:

    T series is technically a business channel, and PewDiePie is run solo, so yeh

    Also thank you for pointing out the braditors
    sorry brad1 and brad2

  4. Stinkyink says:

    I don’t really count production companies as youtube channels that mean anything so Pewds is probably still number 1

  5. The Geek Critique says:

    >Says the word “critique.”
    >Brings Jim Sterling on-screen.

    I guess I understand.

  6. Brinley 04 says:

    I’ve NEVER heard of T-series before this episode

  7. Browncheeze says:

    Thats it Im moving to India

  8. TheCreepypro says:

    says it is the last PewDiePie video then actively reaches out to Pewd to make another

  9. Coffee Break says:

    Nice theory! I made an EXTREMELY similar video a month ago. We agree on broad strokes and I appreciate your analysis. Low competition, yep, internet penetration, yep, quantity, yep, production value, yep. T-Series’ climb to the top is an inevitability. But here’s where we *disagree.*

    It seems like you imply at the end that Youtube is algorithmically helping T-Series because of their content style and location. I don’t see this is as different from the normal way they promote things… Do you think this is anything other than the way they treat every native channel in a country??? If so, do you have any evidence for this? While I can see why Youtube might benefit from doing so, unless you can prove their policy is different in India, I wouldn’t make that claim. Saying that there is a war between Mic, Face and Ytube isn’t surprising, but it is shocking to say that Youtube is specifically pushing special algorithms in India to engineer a certain result.

    All in all, good video, look forward to the next one.

    • rawrcore says:

      I appreciate your thoughtful and respectful comment. Here are my thoughts on some (slightly possible, but not guaranteed) VERY basic pseudocode to summarize some of the algorithm.

      if (userCountry equals mostPopularChannelinUserCountry) {

      This is not necessarily targeted at India. However, I think about the population of the country (this is not limited to India, as that would probably be inefficient in terms of coding). Constructive criticism is welcome.

    • Random Internet User says:

      Coffee Break Great work on that video by the way. One of the first in depth video on T-Series I’d seen at that point (afterwards tons of similar videos started to arise). Anyways great content, keep it up!

  10. Dheer Panjwani says:

    Sup I’m from India and I completely agree with the sentiment of this video, in fact many of my of my countrymen would too, it’s true we are the worlds second largest population after China.. but the reason they have not been able to get the attention of Google and Facebook is because of their highly nationalist policies (eg banning YouTube for their youkyu)
    India promotes globalization and is goldmine for new and naive user loyalty I doubt this shift in the scale of power will stop

  11. a rat says:

    T series is one of the category channels like youtube gaming and music so it doesnt count if they ‘beat’ pewdiepie

  12. Subscribe Me For No Reason says:

    I guess PewDiePie has one choice…

    He has to move to India

  13. Coffee Break says:

    The salient point here that MatPat misses is that *everyone* had this “advantage” available to him. mat ISN’T wrong when he asserts that country of the Youtuber matters. But the fact that everyone at the time of Pewd’s rise *could* and *was* abusing this fact meant that contrary to Mat’s video, the playing field *was* level. Pewd’s didn’t have an unfair advantage at that time. MatPat should at least admit that this is a credible argument and retract that part of the video.

  14. ZAYD says:

    *Here’s T-SERIES explained by an INDIAN and what you MISSED in this video*

    1) People barely mention this point, just like America has Hollywood, India has Bollywood and each bollywood movie consists of many songs, these songs are published on TV as well as on the internet platforms way before the movie is released just to promote that movie, and T Series is one of the only platforms for those Hindi Songs

    2) So those songs are not created FOR youtube, they are created FOR a part in the movie that are released as individual songs way before to promote that movie, and that’s the major reason they display ads on big channels, ads would promote those songs, the songs will promote the movie and the movie will get a massive opening which is the end goal (getting youtube views is NOT)

    3) Apart from that, there are songs that are created by artists for their upcoming album and not for a movie, they DONT have their own individual channels so they are published on their music label’s channel and that music label happens to be T-Series

    4) The inconsistency of views per video on T-Series videos can be explained very easily, the bigger the celebrity featured in the video, the more views it gets, people don’t say “Ohh, T-Series uploaded a new video” , it’s more like “Ohh my fav singer made a new song or it’s my favourite movie’s song”

    5) To make a theory of why “T-Series” is big is ridiculous, just imagine VEVO having one common channel for all the artists instead of one channel for each artist

    Infact just imagine Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Drake, Post Malone, all of their songs COULD ONLY be found on one channel ONLY…..obviously they would have higher viewership, it’s just that you guys are not aware of big celebs in India and are surprised to see a channel come out of nowhere but if you think about it, it’s actually not that surprising

    6) And lastly, I don’t think pewdiepie is getting “dethroned” , he is not the biggest youtube channel right now anyways (even though the ones that are bigger than him are youtube’s own channels but still….) , he is the biggest “Individual Creator” and he will remain the same even if T-Series crosses him (I think PhilyD made this point too)

  15. Big Benn says:

    The 9 Year 0lds *WILL NOT* Stand for this Indian Propaganda

    You shall be smited where you stand!

  16. Uday Rathod says:

    Let me counter it, As an Indian i can say he is not 100% correct, maybe 50% true. And he forgot to mention the biggest reason *Jio*

    1) Low competition – not true we got a whole ton of competition from all parts of india.

    2) Facebook free basic – never allowed and banned in India.

    3) Net Neutrality – Last month India passed the so called strongest Net Neutrality laws.

    4) MCN Theory – All Tseries 20 channel are in different languages, each for every state ( Every state has a movie and music Industry of their own in India) so I cannot understand Content on TSeries Telugu, and there is never any reference too, its too diverse to put 20 different languages content same channel

  17. Edward Hopkins says:

    Even if T-Series has more subs, Pewds is still the most subscribed to channel owned by one person. I personally think that that’s more admirable than a channel with 8+ users becoming big. The fact that T-series is a company completely detracts from their success, at least in my opinion. Idk, I was kinda disappointed to find out they were a company :/

  18. my bleacho says:

    T series is thanos

  19. Kevin Y says:

    Lol instead of saying I lived during the collapse of the Soviet Union, I can say I lived to see the fall of pewds

  20. Bread With Toast says:

    Who would win

    A whole country
    One Swedish boi

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