Game Theory: Is Minecraft Netherite From SPACE?

Game Theory: Is Minecraft Netherite From SPACE?

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Welcome back to our series about the secret lore of Minecraft. Today we are unlocking the history of Netherite and the Piglins. What is their connection? Where did Netherite come from? That and more in today’s episode!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: AbsolutePixel and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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38 Responses

  1. Bennetta M. says:

    Matpat slowly piecing together the lore is the most satisfying thing to watch.

    • Shantelle Thomerson says:

      He’s not piecing together the lore; MatPat is MAKING the lore for them

    • clubXXX💕🔥 says:

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    • random viewer says:

      @Mac Shadow watch his past minecraft theories

    • Mac Shadow says:

      @random viewer I watched almost all of them. What’s your point?

    • Ve1v says:

      would be awesome if mojang was like “you know what? this story he created sounds great so we made it canon” but i don’t think that’s possible, they should definitely capitalize on that tho a “minecraft lore” update would be really cool even if its not what matpat came up with

  2. OwO says:

    Very simple actually. Mojang prefer to call it netherite. Because calling it spacerite would sound pretty concerning… but that’s just me.

  3. Kayaala Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE says:

    Matpat: “What is netherite? What’s its origin according to minecraft lore?”
    Mojang: Nether…..Netherite!

  4. Cat Poke says:

    The irony of the bed scene when talking about how rare netherite is, is that sleeping is the best way to get netherite. Just get a ton of beds and blow the nether into oblivion. It works super well

    • acearo hippo says:

      You say “irony” but it works with this theory/lore bit. Beds are an overworld luxury, something the Piglins would not have nor need use of to gather. It is unnatural to their world and, as MatPat theorised, is more evidence that we, the minecraft players, are an enemy to their home. We discover that sleeping on a bed in the Nether results in TNT-like explosions, and we capitalise on it with no regard to the native life or ecosystem of this world to bolster our own might. It isn’t that it’s easy for us, it’s that it’s difficult for the Piglins.

    • Johannes Herzog says:

      So the thing is, beds are the cheapest option to do it, but late game with a gunpowder farm Tnt’s the best in my opinion. Nontheless, the usually slowest method and the cheapest, if you have a xp farm is just straight up mining up the entire nether.

    • Apollo says:

      @Johannes Herzog how is tnt better than a literal better tnt? The beds explosion radius is similar to a charged creeper’s explosion, how is that worse than tnts?

    • Johannes Herzog says:

      @Apollo tnt’s better because you can set up long tunnels filled with Tnt, meaning you don’t have to do each one manually. Plus it saves up huge amounts of inventory space. You can compare it to the wood farming technique where you place 4×4 spruce trees next to each other and bonemeal them to get a single huge wood cube.

    • the big dumb says:

      @Apollo Ive found strip mining to be more efficient, at least with a pick that insta mines netherrack.

  5. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    8:15 Bastion remnants are also where you find “pigstep”, a music disc with instruments and style in it found in no other music disc, and given the piglin dances, that also means the piglins can not only enjoy music, like humans and parrots, but also MAKE music. That means making instruments, which requires decidimg to craft something not useful for survival, a sign of great intelligence!

    • Gann the Derpimann says:

      The disk is labeled Lena Raine, so maybe Lena Raine is canon in game

    • Inquisitor Pig says:

      @Mr. Moron OR the Piglins looted chests with diamonds from the ancient builders after the latter left the Nether. Or reused the diamond armor from defeated enemies for other purposes once they won the war. Maybe the Piglins used to have the means to create Netherite from coal(though the only source of that in the Nether is Wither skeletons, so not sure there – but it would indicate the formation of carbon is possible under specific circumstances in the Nether), but it was destroyed during the war as those types of facilities would likely have been seen as a vital strategic target in a war, and the means to rebuild it were not there after the fighting ended. Maybe some of the Piglins that wandered into the Overworld through Nether portals before they broke down simply brought back materials from there. Assuming they ever got there before the whole issue of the zombie virus came up.

      Either way, there’s several ways they could have gotten their hands on diamonds and other stuff from the overworld. Consider the fact that they have a chance to hand you boots made out of iron and that are enchanted specifically to let you walk faster on soul sand(and they will also pick up and wear those boots if you drop them), which requires them to first get the iron, then build an enchantment table, and have the required materials to create the enchantment. 

      As I assume they didn’t just pick them out of builder chests, that never contain any boots enchanted with soul speed, they’d have to have made these themselves, and none of the materials required to create the above mentioned items and processes are found naturally in the Nether. Obsidian, I suppose, they could obtain from portals, but you can’t make it naturally in the Nether so the supply would be finite and extremely limited, making me think they probably brought things into the Nether from the overworld.

      I’m thinking this theory might actually be somewhat accurate, as I made the observation that, at least occasionally, I would find pieces of ancient debris next to or near(but usually not inside of) small clusters of blackstone, stuff that you also only find in the Bastion remnants, deep underground around the same depth as ancient scrap, or from Piglin barters. Could just be a coincidence, but I’m not so sure about that. Ground movement would explain why you can also find both materials in the underground of basalt deltas, even though not a single Piglin is in sight, and it is the only place where you cannot find Bastions.

    • Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

      @Gamepro 01 some poor human rando, probably

    • womp47 says:

      @Gann the Derpimann thats called giving credit… its not like theres some npc named c418 in game is there?

    • Gann the Derpimann says:

      @womp47 lol what if there is lorewise lolol that would be weird

  6. Miscellaneous Chaos says:

    i like how the intro is literally just two piano keys yet already sounds so nostalgic

  7. Jean F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ says:

    well now I feel bad for breaking into 10+ bastions a day killing piglins just to sell pigstep discs on a server

  8. Axelplayz says:

    I can just imagine how old matpat would be when finishing this lore. The complete story. No fakes, No suprises, That would be it. How I desperately wait for that day.

    • G O M E S___________🍑🍎 says:

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    • itZflaymeGD says:

      He never will, because the updates will never stop

  9. Nolzs Twynkievicz says:

    Actually you can find netherite gear in chests, it’s just incredibly rare.

  10. Studdelston says:

    I really like this take. Because MatPat here (although mad respect to him) seems to make a few leaps in logic.

    Netherite is not argued to be harder. It in fact gives no more armor than diamond does. It is more durable and allows for less knock back. This makes sense if you are adding a strong matalic alloy to diamond to allow it to have its original hardness, but gain several features like the above mentioned durability and resistance to heat.
    I can’t think why the netherite would be mined by the piglins if they don’t have diamonds to use with the gear to have netherite gear

    UNLESS. The piglins are… there own descendent a from the ancient ones. They can mine too, as said my MatPat, so what if, like enderman are ancient ones turned end-er
    The piglins are ancient ones turned pig
    (I now can’t get away from the thought that piglins and piligers mimic each other in a few ways). If the piglins are their own ancient ones descendants. Then they would have brought dimond over and values netherite more similar to MatPats description

    Or. We see that piglins like gold, and bartering
    This is a social thing that a re very deep in their simple life style. What if centuries ago the ancient builders ran into the civilizations of piglins, who had very low amounts of gold (the nether producing much less because of the ingot generation, but still used it as a simple valuable currency
    These more advanced ancient ones would have come in and destroyed the economy of the piglins with so much gold it would break their society’s… and why? Well. For that “useless” hard to get resource Netherite
    I can imagine among the progression of the ancient ones to the end. The “Wild West” of the piglins civilizations. Being interacted with by tough ancient ones. Trading large amounts of gold for any kind of netherite scrap… that is until it runs out. The ancient ones leave. And all that’s left is a broken, gold obsessed, civilizations of the piglins. But that’s just a theory, a game theory, thanks for reading.

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