Game Theory: Monika Has ESCAPED! (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus)

Game Theory: Monika Has ESCAPED! (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus)

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When Team Salvato announced there Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, my theory brain started preparing. I knew this new DLC-esk game would have SOMETHING hiding in it and, oh boy, was I right. I previously theorized about another game being hinted at in Yuri’s novel when of the original game. Now, I wasn’t wrong, but I had apparently only scratched the SURFACE of what was going on with the strange thing called Project Libitina. Theorists, we are ALL a part of this game!

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43 Responses

  1. Goose Boose says:

    Ah yes, finally. Now I don’t have to do any of the research and let someone else explain to me wtf the TEST VM and Metaverse Enterprises (and the website) have to do with anything at all.

  2. AFK_BIN says:

    Man… I really envy game developers for FNAF & DDLC. The fact that they created such a unique game with lore and interesting game mechanics just makes me go *WOW* . Also, I appreciate Mat’s time and effort in creating these game theory videos for us to watch. (in short, they are really great games)

    • King Round says:

      @Mysecretyoutubeguy he’s still alive

    • John Reynald De Guzman says:

      True, the lore of such games are really vast, it’s not what I actually have expected until the games kept getting new titles/DLCs.

      And the fact that there have so much mysteries on both games makes them a long living franchise, the games are just THAT GOOD! 😀🥳

    • Nohidas says:

      @Mbita Acoustic Guitar nice cover

    • Kambo0 says:

      @Gregory Mirabella It’s really interesting. The thought that new ideas are eventually gonna run out is exhausting to reflect about whenever you want to write something. However, most of it falls on the execution of that idea. That keeps me going.

    • Hunter Boraas says:

      only for people to then give them death threats

  3. Jorge Enrique Alvario Ledesma says:

    Well, there’s this problem that arises with this theory.
    It’s actually something that I see in other media as well. How exactly would Monika have taken possession over Ive’s body? I mean unless the world in which Ive lives is a simulation (and even then) there needs to be a connection, something that functions as a bridge between the VM’s and the real world. As far as I know they aren’t using some kind of helmets like those of SAO for testing nor are they connecting their bodies to the machine in any physical way. They are interacting with it from an external position, totally cut out from the VM’S universe, yeah Monika has almost complete control over those simulations (as much as to be able to cross memories over the two) but she has no real connection to the outside world…
    Maybe hypnosis? She’s maybe manipulating him into believing that he’s some kind of hero and that’s why his behaviour has changed?
    Idk for real… Still it may be introduced later that they interact directly with the simulation in some form (which would allow the possession) or maybe I’m just looking too much into it. This is just a game after all…
    Or is it?

    • Bruh says:

      pseudo physics

    • Shania Clarke says:

      I think it’s more likely that Monica is controlling Ive in some way. If the “real world” is also a simmulation then Monica may be able to use her high access to influence things there too. We’ve seen her change how characters act with what she did in act 2 with the Doki girls so I dont think controlling someone would be out of the realm of possibility with her abilities. She may have been able to use one of the access points the team set up against them to influence things in the real world. Her final message also sounds like she could be talking to someone telepathically and not face to face since she starts with “Hello, can you hear me?”. It sounds like it’s her first time trying to talk to someone outside of her simmulation rather than talking to Ive after taking his body and putting him in the simmulation. That’s just my thoughts on it though.

    • the Italian toast says:

      Maybe Ive is working WITH monika, like she talked to him after the events and he agreed on helping her. This could also explain why he was quiet, because he didn’t want to accidentaly say something to blow his cover
      Yeah it sounds a little far fetched but It’s more likely that her possessing him and thinking of it as “teamwork” since it sounds like monika became stupid out of nowhere

    • Wind Rose says:

      @Pyroneer My theory is that there are three universes.

      Ours> Their “Real” universe> their simulated universe.

    • Reaper_V says:

      @Wind Rose Yeah thats what i think as well. The Metaverse people are a “simulated” universe as well.
      Heck maybe the whole original DDLC was Monika accidently reaching the “Real real world” aka “our” world instead of the Metaverse company world.

      Because we know that Monika out of the 5 total test groups of VM1 self-nuked 3-4 of these instances. And the original DDLC is very likely one of he instances she nuked/ended her own world.

  4. Tommy6therockstar hogan says:

    Matpat: “So let’s solve everything!”

    Monika: *”N o”*

  5. Irvess Dragonheart says:

    I feel like this entire game was made just for MatPat to solve

  6. Mystic The Male Unicorn says:

    i KNEW something wasn’t right when MATPAT claims he’s FINALLY “figured out FNAF” PFFFF YEAH RIGHT, in your dreams

  7. •`Tsuyuri´• says:

    21 minutes and 34 seconds lore that has lores that takes ages to unlock. How does HE uncover a bunch of lores in 21 MINUTES AND 34 SECONDS?! IN 1 MONTH!

  8. Lust says:

    Actually in the side stories we do exist we just arent there when its happening Sayori hints at this because when Monika tells her to pretend to be a normal passerby sayori says “Literature is stuupid! I’m going to the anime club!” And she says “i was just thinking of a friend of mine.” So we actually do exist in the side stories

    • A Really Clever Username says:

      The MC exists, we just have no link to him anymore.

    • MrRoMaGi says:

      @Samuel Manning Sayori didn’t know Natsuki at that point. MC is the most logical answer unless she’s talking about a background character, which I kinda doubt.

      Also, Nat wouldn’t call Literature stupid, since Manga is Literature.

    • Reaper_V says:

      @A Really Clever Username Dan already said the “MC” is just a puppet/vehicle for the script. He isnt a character just a window to connect to their “world”.

      PS: Tho what is weird from his Q&A stream back then Dan said he never made a concept art/rough sketch for the “MC”/Player Character” because he never was a real entity to begin with.
      Which makes the DDLC+ stuff odd that there is now a “concept” art of him. I wonder if that is just me overthinking things. Or he just choose to include it now OR this will be the “MC”/Puppet we use in his VM2 Visual Novel to safe the characters in there as Monika told us.

    • Ethan Lim says:

      I think Monika just used Sayori’s friend as the background for the player character.

    • Despair says:


  9. Juicebox Jayyy says:

    “Not only did the game developers become part of the lore, but YOU are also a part of the lore”

    *Trust nobody not even yourself*

  10. Dranka says:

    At this point, Steph’s Monika VO is the ‘official one’ in my brain : D

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