Game Theory: Please Come Home… (Andy’s Apple Farm)

Game Theory: Please Come Home… (Andy’s Apple Farm)

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Welcome back to the special corner of Game Theory reserved for the cute games that have a deadly darkness hiding just under the surface. Today, we are talking about Andy’s Apple Farm. I played this over on GTLive and knew I had to make a theory. There is some creepy stuff hiding in this game. Get your flashlights ready Loyal Theorists, this is about to get DARK!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Koen Verhagen, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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25 Responses

  1. EnderTeimant says:

    The most horrifying thing about this game is the fact that Margaret is a mole

  2. LiNX 4 says:

    The Christmas special update on steam really clarifies a lot of the lore. You should really check it out.

  3. Sean Hammond says:

    “A family that murders itself during Christmas while under the control of a demonic force” so, basically a normal Christmas with the relatives

  4. Infernox says:

    i really like the small fact that you’re a beta tester in this game, because isn’t trying to break the game and finding problems what beta testers are supposed to do? Plus, doing exactly that gives you the real lore of the game

  5. Doggy Galaxy says:

    Hi Mat Pat! If you play Andy’s Apple Farm “A Christmas Special,” you will find more answers to remaining questions you have about the lore.

  6. Winty gaming says:

    “”””Someone who had accidentally found this channel and now addicted to this channel 💗😍♥️”‘””

  7. FandomFreak says:

    Finally an indie game that gives us lore that we can *EASILY FIND*

  8. Midgematic says:

    I think if Isabella isn’t actually dead, that would make “Melody” in the game an empty vessel. The character was made to house Isabella’s soul but right now its really just coding inside a game.

    • Person says:

      spoilers for the christmas special

      Isabella is still alive as proven in the Christmas Special
      it could be possible that she was taken into the game whilst alive, as it’s not actually confirmed what happened to her after Thomas dragged Arthur’s body away
      there will probably be more clues as to what happened to her in the next chapters, including Baylee (a new character)

    • Kidist Abraham says:

      I agree I also think that in the Christmas update the flower character is a vessel for sam

  9. Angry Baby says:

    This guy basically almost explained the Christmas update without playing the Christmas update

  10. Alien_ Frenzy says:

    The Christmas update drops a lot of canonical lore. Thomas left the house after the argument with Kamryn, when he came back the house was ash and Arthur was standing there in horror. That’s why he believed Arthur was to blame for their deaths. Also, I think Kamryn and Thomas had already been split up before Christmas? Because Arthur has his own stocking hanging on the fireplace, but none for Thomas. I mean I guess you could have a stocking for your best friend, but it just seems odd that Thomas didn’t have a stocking in (what is believed to be) his own home.

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