Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)

Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)

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Nintendo has given the world something… magical. The Super Crown. While the internet explodes with Bowsette memes, we are going to focus on the REAL result of this new item – Peachette. Toadette has gotten a magical girl transformation and Peach better WATCH OUT! Except maybe not for the reasons you think…

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74 Responses

  1. Nickolaus Cantor says:

    Waluigi doesn’t need the super crown! He is already perfect!

  2. Isaac Warnock says:

    Dear MatPat, Stephanie, Austin, Gaijin Goombah and any and all other members of the Game Theorists that I forgot/don’t know about,

    Hi! It’s me! Isaac! I realize that wording it that way makes it seem like we’ve interacted in some way before, but really I just wanted to make a reference to how Austin does all of his videos. In fact, I’ll be putting in a few more references, so keep an eye out for them! (A clap and a half to any theorist who spots them all). Anyway, getting on topic, this is the first YouTube comment I’ve ever written and I’m writing it because I have a HUGE favour to ask. Like, the number of possible Mario Maker levels to the power of the cost of building a Death Star multiplied by the number of digits in pi huge. I have a game that I’ve loved for a long time, but I’ve always had trouble putting the lore together, so I decided to ask some professionals. Since I couldn’t find any, I’ll ask you guys instead. (Kidding!) The game in question is by the same people who created the “Kingdom Hearts” series. The characters in the game have appeared as side characters in one or more “Kingdom Hearts” games (I’m not sure which one/ones), but I want to know what actually happens in the game that focuses on THEIR story, called “The World Ends With You” (original Japanese title; “It’s A Wonderful World”). The gameplay itself is fairly straightforward, and makes full use of the Nintendo DS’s features, such as battling across both screens and using the touchscreen really well for literally everything you do from battle to dialogue to using the menu. Additionally, there’s now a remake for iPhones called “The World Ends With You; Solo Remix”, but I haven’t played that, so I don’t know the differences, if there are any. (Also, there’s another remake on the way for the Nintendo Switch. “The World Ends With You: Final Remix”.) Unfortunately, the lore makes NO GOD DAMN SENSE to me. It’s like Scott Cawthon and Toby Fox teamed up to make the rageiest lore they possibly could. Or at least, that’s what it feels like for me. Except, they weren’t on the gaming scene at the time, so maybe that analogy doesn’t work… I dunno… Anyway, please, please, PLEASE, for the love of all that is cold, sweet and hard to flip (and may or may not sound like “Riot Smoke”) help me with this issue or I swear to Moana I will copy this into the comments section of every Game Theory, Film Theory and GT Live video you guys post until I see it happen!



    P.S. I realize that it’s unlikely that this will get noticed in the YouTube comments, but I’m not on any social media sites and I don’t know the GT email address, so this is my only chance. If anyone can help me I would be IMMENSELY appreciative. Thanks.

  3. legendary Fish says:

    Soooo….. we’re just gonna ignore the intro

  4. Nerd Gamer says:

    ……..Usually i would agree with your brilliant research and work, however,this time, you went a little too overboard. I mean you can’t just assume that the mushroom monarch works like a bee society. There are so many animal species with ruling or dominant characters in this world, however, trying to find info to back up your research, you had to put in bees. It’s ok MatPat. It happens to the best of us.

  5. Pug Lord says:


  6. Duaa Siddiqui says:

    i like how everyone in the comments is commenting about the theory and not the weird text that appeared in the intro

  7. Dad says:

    *Remember Super Mario 64 DS?* At the beginning of the game, you start off as Yoshi and you can put on different hats that belong to the characters of the Mario Universe. Putting on those hats *transforms Yoshi into the characters the hat belongs to.* So if Yoshi puts on Mario’s hat, he turns into Mario.
    Which makes me think, *what if all the cap-wearing characters are just Yoshi’s?* And the Yoshi’s just have to wear the caps long enough to become that character forever the same way a Toadette would have to wear the crown for long enough to stay as Peach. Think about it. In Yoshi’s Island, why would Mario and Luigi be in an island filled with Yoshi’s? They’re also wearing the caps to begin with, so there’s nothing that can say that they didn’t start off as Yoshi’s necessarily.
    “But what about in Odyssey, Dad? Why would a Yoshi become a Yoshi? Isn’t that unnecessary?” Well in SMO, Cappy chooses to become Mario’s hat, so when Mario’s hat is thrown on a creature, the creature has Mario’s characteristics (the moustache and blue eyes). Besides, now that this Yoshi has had the cap on for so long, he can’t become Yoshi anymore. So throwing a cap on another Yoshi would turn him back into a Yoshi.
    “What about Birdo, Dad?” I have no idea. I guess she’s a Toadette/Yoshi hybrid.

    Edit: Before you comment something along the lines of “But the hat flies off Mario’s head sometimes so Mario can’t be Yoshi” Read the entire thread, please. I made a remark on this already.

  8. KPLIITZ says:

    This also explains why the red mushroom makes Mario bigger

    • GamerFromJump says:

      KPLIITZ – I always figured that Super Mario is actually his natural state, but he was somehow powered down in some cases to make small Mario his default. Hence why he is permanently “Super” in most of the 3D games.

  9. Expert says:

    Mat, I have an idea, can you talk to some people first before releasing your theories? Tons of your recent theories have been proven wrong by some basic facts, for example this episode’s is that the power up is temporary, like all of them are, and I’m still a little confused why you use bees as an example, these are mushrooms not bees. Maybe I missed an explanation, but still. The theory in the mushroom kingdom you know, has been proven very lackluster, because BMI isn’t very useful. Even your lastest FNAF timeline video has been, the hand unit call if you listen to a bit more talks about rentals and not Pizza World. And FNAF2’s time is confirmed in the magazine that it’s shutting down after a couple weeks, plus would they still have all the “new” decorations after 4 years? Answer is no they wouldn’t.

  10. Lilichu _Draws57 says:


  11. Mr Wilson says:

    Tap the bell in my photo… TO ENTER the WEIRD SIDE OF youtube

  12. Giraffe Time says:

    Rip headphone users for the intro😂

    Dat squeaky noice tho

  13. Schoko4craft says:

    And it sadly looks like any other new super mario bros… i really hoped for some really awesome changes but no… it seems like another 60€ clone of the old with (maybe) all new maps (maybe because it says delux in the name which in case of mario cart didnt changed a lot

  14. Mrs. Morbid says:

    Peachette’s eyes are grey because the Toads have no souls.

  15. QuickThePorcupine says:

    I can debunk this whole theory.
    Baby Peach is still a human.
    “But Baby Peach is already wearing her crown, so she’s still transformed!!!”
    Except, in Yoshi’s Island DS, when you take damage while carrying Baby Peach, the crown comes off her head, and she never changes back. If at any time Peach would be a mushroom, it’s when she’s a baby and loses her crown.

    • Para Junior says:

      Can’t she lose her crown and not change back ?
      I mean, eating well help me to grow, but when I puke I don’t become younger.

    • Frisko says:

      This was it chief

    • Sans&Flowey says:

      The super crown may have some effects on infants, I.e. permament transformation. Also if you think. If a bee is treated with royal jelly, it won’t change back anytime soon

    • stephan schewalje says:

      While all of the theories with regards to this are pure speculation this doesn’t feel like a particularly solid contradiction. The powerup in question is possesses both mushroom and crown aspects and If the through line of toadette to peachette to peach is to be accepted then you are also accepting that the mushroom portion goes from being in the power up to being strapped to the head to being absent over the course of the proposed transformation. Your contradiction can be explained if you consider the powerup to be a transformative mushroom with a metal container to hold said transformative mushroom to the recipient until the required time or additional aspects to complete the transformation occur at which point it is merely a metal hat.

    • Para Junior says:

      Also, doesn’t this just fall into the show theory ?
      The theory that say that Mario characters are actors, that also do real life thing ? (like kart, tennis, etc… and jobs too, advertising signs in some games show that, for example, Bowser own a petrol industry) while the games are show which is more or less obvious ? (in the paper Mario games or rpg it’s very clear, per example)

      Therefore, it doesn’t matter what science say, baby peach isn’t baby peach but a baby choose to be a recognizable version of Peach when young.
      Because what’s the point to show a toad or a toadette if we want to show you peach as a baby ? we woudln’t recognize her.
      This way it can be totally different between the real world Nintendo kingdom and the mushroom world that is an act, namely… human actor peach that play the role of mushroom princess peach ?

  16. Nicholas Snow says:

    What if instead of the mushroom kingdom being bees their ants. Ant colonies accept multiple queens instead of one and all queens tolerate each other. I don’t think they would kill Princess Peach.

  17. Ryanlego5 _ says:

    Isnt there baby peach tho with blue eyes

  18. Ethan Po says:

    Did anybody else’s intro get hacked? I’m nervous and about this and am throwing my new PC.

  19. UnderTrash says:


  20. PokeCraft And MineMon says:

    Wait, I was born with brown hair and brown eyes. Does that mean I have a lot of melanin?

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