Game Theory: The HORROR That Threatens SCP

Game Theory: The HORROR That Threatens SCP

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is beloved my many, whether it’s through the SCP Foundation and community or the games like SCP Containment Breach and SCP Blackout. They’ve landed in some trouble recently, with a person taking their Russian trademark. You see, that person has been on a mission to, seemingly, take down all the SCP over there. Why? No one is quite sure. Today, I want to focus on the LEGALITY of what is happening, Should this person be able to get the SCP copyright? What power does he have? What does it mean for the beloved SCP? Let’s dive in!

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75 Responses

  1. Edwin Knapp says:

    As someone who recently got into the SCP universe, donated to the legal fund, AND is aspiring to get an SCP published on the site one day, this video was very important to me. I thought SCP was just a gimmicky horror game just a few years ago, but now I’ve seen it is something much bigger and worth protecting.

    Thank you for bringing more attention to this MatPat, it means a lot to know we can still win legally. (I mean without having to mail the russian a 096 mugshot)

  2. The New Queen Of Games says:

    “As long as there’s evil in the world, there will always be good to fight back against it.”

    Aka SCP folks feverently fighting against monsters bigger than the ones they’ve created XD

  3. Bo Bishop says:

    If this dude does win, he’ll probably try to make the brand more famous and make shitty scps like “the dog that breathes out of one nostril” and “the man with two different colored eyes” smh screw that guy

  4. Michael Tapia says:

    “What could be more dangerous than that?”

    *Shows demonetization symbol*

  5. soultiger 267 says:

    “Its If Tim Burton Made Pokemon”

    I Low-Key Wanna See That Now

  6. Samuel Reid says:

    Some russian dude: tries to ruin scp for everyone
    The entire scp community: *oh I dont think so*

    • Sam Gafford says:

      Some Russian dude: imma gonna own this wiki and make cold cold money
      Giorno’s theme: *starts playing*
      Some Russian Dude: wtf do I hear boss music

  7. Gage Angle says:

    Kind of sucks when someone is trying to hurt something like this he’s a jerk

  8. Joshua Landers says:

    Him: “I’m gonna copywrite the SCP Foundation”
    Me: Time for us to Secure, Contain, but certainly not protect this jerk

  9. Andrew Hallas says:

    this has been going on for almost a year now, you have no idea how important this video is guys. the fact that someone as YouTube mainstream as MatPat is covering this issue FINALLY means the world at large starts to know what’s going on. thank you Game Theory for spreading awareness of the issue. We can fight this

  10. Mr.Champion says:

    13:22 **shows a new possible SCP title**
    me: Goddamnit, now someone’s going to trademark that.

  11. Izuku Midoriya says:

    The dude that’s trying to take all this down might as well be a scp himself!

    • Hybrid says:

      Izuku Midoriya why are you commenting on a YouTube video? Go be a hero smh

    • NoobishNinja says:

      Knowing the community someone will probably make a story out of this about it. I could see this whole situation being added to the lore in some crazy way.

    • Eyes of the Cervino says:

      To be fair, Midoriya’s strong love of watching online videos was established pretty early on. . . . XD

  12. Matheus Ferreira says:

    Russian trademark troll: I will be the sole owner of SCP
    SCP community: so you have chosen… death

  13. Janice Kant says:

    “Created monsters”

    He doesn’t know….

  14. ragonday ourtneycay says:

    Bad man: mine
    The Entire SCP Community: *I see you have chosen DEATH*

  15. Kochie says:

    “You said… that you wanted to see someone who *is hated by all of the internet* right?”


    “He’s here. In Russia. Now.”

  16. ShopKeep Magolor says:

    The SCP Community is near iconic nowadays, at least in my heart. Certain top entries like 173 or Peanut are basically solidified as icons. Don’t let Peanut and his friends get taken away.

    Secret Laboratory is a fun game, free on steam, and you can play with friends.

    This community is great. They’re nice, kind, helpful, and always have open arms for new ideas and members. This is one of the best things on the internet.

  17. Drago says:

    Mat pat mentions that mark is the only big voice
    Thevolgun: well I guess I’m not popular enough

  18. Dino Tales says:

    As someone who literally is trying to be a scp author, this case scares me.

  19. PreeMow says:

    This feels more like a Law theory than a game theory.

    But still, entertaining and educational. Fight on Scp!

  20. Absence Of Wordz says:

    Some Russians trying to shut SCP down

    Executive Director: “Release the SCPs. Let them try.”

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