Game Theory: The Lost Cult of Minecraft Illagers

Game Theory: The Lost Cult of Minecraft Illagers

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In my last Minecraft episode, I peeled back the mysterious layers of the Minecraft Illagers. In that, I talked about how the Illagers were looking to build their own Minecraft worlds – from portals to Steve himself. There was something else that I wasn’t able to cover in that episode, and that is how Minecraft Illagers relate to the history of what is known as cargo cults. 

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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64 Responses

  1. Gemma Duck says:

    “Why has the vindicator got blue eyes?”

    He hasn’t been possed by Elizabeth yet

  2. VallieMC C says:

    ‘In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re just idiots.’
    [Sad music plays]

  3. LydieBerry says:

    Or: The Illagers can’t craft beds / maps. They left all the other Villagers who were professional carpenters / cartographers, so they don’t know how to make these items.

    • SeaOfPixels says:

      @DeeZee Gaming Evokers have the magical ability of dying sheep using spells

    • KjPlayz says:

      Well actually, wool is craftable, and to have chests and even tnt, AND obsidian, they would need to craft the items in order to get those

    • Ender says:

      @KjPlayz you can find chests in villages, obsidian in those chests and tnt in desert temples so maybe they went out and found those

    • Pandemonium says:

      Scavenging maybe?

    • Slevin Channel says:

      “Something came out of the End Portals”. But that contradicts the other Theories and is also just not true. It never happens.
      Nothing ever comes out of an End Portal.
      What are you even talking about?!

  4. Px Gluz says:

    If they were truly trying to bring back the “ancient builders” why would they be agressive towards somebody who, to them, would mimic the people they were trying to bring back?

  5. The Random Dude says:

    What I find most interesting is the implications of the illagers taking inspiration from the builders. That’s probably why they started the experiments resulting in their exile.
    Just think about it, most of the structures left by the builders, Strongholds, nether fortresses, mineshafts. All have spawners, the first two in areas quite clearly made for that purpose.
    Showing that the builders were most likely capable of creating life in some capacity, Blazes in particular give off the feeling of being constructs.
    A bunch of smart villagers start trying to imitate them, but lacking the same ability their experiments take them down a dark path and they are exiled for playing gods.

  6. Mr Man says:

    So let me get this straight, instead of making armories or farms to feed and train their mass amounts of illagers, they make.. Chickens?

  7. Leoo says:

    No one:

    Matpat: Herobrine

    I’m triggered.

  8. Yes Of Course says:

    illager: sees this

  9. aaa aaa says:

    Couldnt they have just made everything out of wool because they cant “craft” like steve? They can only build basic things, and everything else has to be mimiced out of wool, trying to get it to work through other means

    • Zoade Edaoz says:

      That’s what I think too, they can’t craft like Steve and the other creators.The problem is : the creators are nices sooo …. they can’t ally with them, they tries to craft but it’s not like them… The only way for them to do it is having a STEVE for them that can craft like the creators , but after that they do the zombies , ect

    • Ben Bittinger says:

      I thought this too. But the mansions have glass panes, which requires a table.

    • Goldflower Cat says:

      But then a big part of the theory is screwed: They’re supposed to be former villigars, which CAN craft

    • Slevin Channel says:

      If the Villagers are just Idiots, someone must have built their Villages for them. But who? The sheeps?!

    • Ben Bittinger says:

      @Slevin Channel Could it be that the villagers are like hermit crabs and took residence in an abandoned old builders villiage? This would explain why they will take up residence in buildings that Steve builds.

  10. ClickVS says:

    The Illagers wanted to raid villages because Villagers have beds and can trade for maps, which seems logical because they only have makeshift ones.

    • Maren King says:

      and maybe because they are still mad about them being cast out.

    • NPC #4782 says:

      i like that. The illagers are upset that the villagers are so much more technologically advanced, and they want to raid them and get their knowledge of maps, beds, etc

  11. psyachu says:

    I like the theory, but quick question: how come they have to make a rough replica of a bed when regular villagers have actual beds? Not saying you’re wrong because it does seem like an important discrepancy, but it’s something to question.

    Also, how do they have TnT? That’s something that’s not naturally occurring, unless you count the desert temples.

    • Venezuela Ball Loquendero Tricolor says:

      I guess villagers understood how to make real beds or the ancient made them exactly for them, villagers can build too. Because they can place veggies too and the Hrmm they soeak has sense
      If you hit them they will run to nearest villager and start hhmmm-ering meaning Hes telling him you punched him
      If you treat them well they will start having confidencd of you and thus

    • Emily Piper says:

      Maybe the illagers were banished before the villagers had beds? They would need to banished for a while since they have a mansion rather than a series of huts.

    • H.O. Gaming says:

      Maybe upon their exile, the illagers only had a rough memory on the villages. Like when they were experimenting with the lapis lazuli.

    • Voxel Music says:

      Villagers know how to craft, illagers don’t. Thats why they send others to raid the villigers to get the objects they cant craft.

    • Roei hava says:

      Maybe they can only do what was in the jobs they worked in before so they can’t build beds and maps and doors but They can still build basic things like tables and furnaces and they can still build mansions it just will take them a very long time And they learned on their own how to use red stone (because ordinary villagers don’t know how to do it)

  12. Julia- Porn STARS GO MY PROF!LE says:

    FNaF: *the game with a record amount of theories*

    Minecraft: *Im about to end this games whole record*

  13. Samantha Smith says:

    “I have to make these shorter :(“
    Holding a gun to his head: no,,,, give us more

  14. Black Blade 2938 says:

    Mini Theory:

    After many failed attemps to create Steve, they accidentlly create Herobrine, who(similar to the Wither) desimated and took over. Then they create you. Trying to avoid another Herobrine attack, they attack you on sight.

  15. Meg Doucet Lariviere says:

    society: the internet teaches nothing!

    me: *now knows what a cargo cult is*

  16. Tyler Brown says:

    Matpat: this is a diet theory.

    Also Matpat: part 1 of 3

  17. Lizzette Hernandez says:

    Theory: Mybe they died and where brought back to life and thier eyes turned blue or villigers like emarelds emarelds are green villigars eyes are green mybe the reoson why the illigers eyes are blue its because they like lapis lazuli or diamonds

  18. Shadowmax says:

    what if the “scientists” that’s what I’m gonna cal the evokers since their always conducting experiments.What if they were jealous of the ancient race and tried to create life so they can get attention but it went horribly wrong causing a spider,zombie,skeleton outbreak and after that the village exiled the scientists so they made the woodland mansion to conduct more experiments to raise an army to overthrow the ancient race and rule the lands.Also what if they are friends with the endermen and persuaded the endermen that if somebody 2 blocks tall and 1 block wide to immediately attack them and the endermen to learn and have the endermens trust and abilities. Since the endermen trust the scientists they told the scientists that there is a portal to the enderworld and the wool replica was a way of the endermen showing what it looks like and the scientists trying to figure out how it works to they can figure out how to use teleportation to get around faster.Last but not least what if the endermen told the scientists that there is a dragon in the enderworld and the scientists are trying to figure out how the ender portal works in hopes they can tame the dragon to overthrow the the ancient race and villages and rule the lands… but hey thats just a theory a GAME THEORY!!


    Ps. Fun fact: In the Minecraft Bedrock edition, vindicators also have green eyes.

  20. Sauce says:

    MatPat: The illagers are cargo culting.

    Sympathetic magick: Am I a joke to you?

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