Game Theory: The Ninja Mixer MISTAKE! (The Ninja Mixer Deal Part 2)

Game Theory: The Ninja Mixer MISTAKE! (The Ninja Mixer Deal Part 2)

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Last time we talked about the good and the bad with the deal between Fortnite streamer Ninja and Microsoft’s livestreaming platform Mixer. This time I want to provide my help. You see, this may not have been the GIANT mistake… if Mixer plays its cards right. Can Mixer use this very expensive acquisition of Ninja to pivot it’s platform to the next level for creators? Maybe, and here is how!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Tyler Mascola, Dan “Cybert” Seibert, and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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46 Responses

  1. Gam1ngK1ng 247 says:

    I did a thing and Sam O’Nella are the ones I’d recommend

  2. Milk Man says:

    Quick sum up of video
    Platforms are countries and middle class something Obama

  3. Konstantin Savvon says:

    Matpat you should check out summoning salt. He is like a speed running historian. And while he doesn’t upload much when he does it is some top notch stuff

  4. Drapperbat says:

    Killian Experience, DougDoug and Techincal Bovine are a few of my favourites

  5. Eliah Zhitnitskiy says:

    It’s ok matpat, Gumball will eliminate the middle class.

  6. Akke Master says:

    Hey MatPat! Personally I really enjoy watching BeatEmUps’ and Nathaniel Bandy’s videos. Make sure to check them out ?

  7. Phoenix Crane says:

    Shout out it’s a Gundam is a bit of a wildcard but he definitely does good work

  8. seeyaboi hi says:

    Congratulations for 12 milion
    Trust me you didn’t ruin my childhood you MAKE it

  9. Chrome says:

    “Unattractive adult human male” What? He’s gorgeous!

  10. Alionoid Music says:

    Call out CG5. He makes cool music and remixes. He also makes funny meme songs. He only has 600-700k subs.

  11. Marni says:

    Game theory in a nutshell

    Game theory: posts

    trending: FBI OPEN UP

    this was a horrible idea

  12. Leland Portman says:

    Mat pat :the middle class pushed for that
    Me : Mumbo Jumbo lost his intro

    • George Bisby says:

      Yep this is accurate

    • King AL says:

      At a point, Mumbo had to work exclusively on his Filming Channel because some mess happened with his primary one. It was so long ago, I couldn’t remember. It was around the halfway mark of HermitCraft Season 5. But yeah, he lost his intro and outro because of a bloody second of time the song used as a beat. Happy this is being fixed

  13. MrOmegaBeast says:

    * I can actually say it now and have a reason to say it*

    Shoutout SimpleFlips

    The bois

  14. Sun Moon says:

    It would be cool if you gave a shoutout to Somecallmejohnny. He is an amazing game reviewer and really deserves a shoutout in my eyes. Like this if you agree.

  15. Eric Imagine says:

    You should shout out The Sea Rabbit, he’s a middle tier animator that I love ?

  16. A Carbon based life form says:

    Hey matpat I think you should check out Ph1lza he is the person that has the world record in Minecraft hardcore and he is always really appreciative with his audience

  17. specjal 213 subów hit 2018 przecieki maturalne says:

    mat please check out nintendo black crisis hes not very big (150k subs) but he makes great zelda theories and corrected your last one about botw timeline placement

  18. Backtolandandco says:

    Brilliant gamer, Your channel had motivated me to become a YouTuber. Thank you

  19. Wolfs Howl16 says:

    Go check out translator fails. Malinda translates songs and other stuff with google translate.

  20. Echo says:

    Recommend Leopard Gecko, completely different community but deserved.

    (The fact that as you can see this has no likes is proof enough)

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