Game Theory: The Secret Life of Markiplier

Game Theory: The Secret Life of Markiplier

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You might have noticed that lately things with Markiplier have been a bit…mysterious. Over multiple videos Mark has seeded in a lore that is melding fiction and reality. I know he “explained everything” but I think that was a trick. I think there is still something going on over on his channel. That’s right, Theorists. Today were are delving into the twists and turns of the lore around Markiplier’s Connected Universe.

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73 Responses

  1. RGSX Gamer69 says:

    I’m surprised that Markiplier hasn’t commented on this video yet 🤔

  2. Zizi Panda says:

    Maybe markiplier is just innocent and matpat is making this to throw us off because the channels are secretly run by catpat.
    …we can’t trust him.
    …you can’t trust me.

    Deep stuff.

    Edit: Oh wow thanks for all the likes…thought no one would see this…also no one will see this edit.
    Deep stuff(×2)
    Why am I doing this.

  3. crazy gurl says:

    When mark has his glasses on he is the true mark but when he doesnt its the actor mark and just think about it, it makes sence

  4. Mary N says:

    Guys! In the last video of oki doki the description says DONT TRUST THE SEER. What if the seer is MatPat and Darkiplier does not want us to trust his theory? Like a battle between them on who will gain our trust…

  5. ruby style says:

    Wait wasn’t antisepticeye aka jack first? ooo I have a idea what if this happens to anti bc he only comes near Halloween anybody else thinks dis? Anyone got an idea

  6. Amimepanda says:

    Hey it’s just a theory
    A YouTuber theory

    • BossManVlogZ Z says:

      +Amimepanda I’v𝗲 spent *7 days, 18 h𝞸urs 𝛂nd 30 m𝔦nut𝐞s* 0n Y𝞸uTube s1nc𝗲 25.6.2018! Ch𝗲ck yᴏur stаts:

    • Gabreala Marshall says:

      +Amimepanda I’v𝐞 sp𝗲nt *6 d𝛂ys, 10 h𝞸urs 𝖺nd 40 m𝗶nutеs* On Y0uTub𝗲 sincе 25.5.2018! Ch𝐞ck yоur stɑts:

    • Miguel Jardio says:

      +Amimepanda I’vе spеnt *4 d𝛂ys, 11 hours 𝛂nd 36 m𝗶nut𝗲s* 𝞸n YouTube sincе 16.6.2018! Check your stats:

    • Cookie Ben says:

      +Amimepanda I’v𝗲 sp𝐞nt *3 dɑys, 15 hours and 3 minutеs* ᴏn YouTub𝐞 s1nc𝗲 22.5.2018! Check your stаts:

    • WorkOrc1910 says:

      +Amimepanda I’vе sp𝗲nt *7 dаys, 16 hᴏurs 𝛂nd 49 m1nutеs* on YouTub𝗲 s1ncе 14.6.2018! Ch𝗲ck your stats:

  7. GamingFps says:


  8. Waterhouse says:

    But now MatPat has more “characters” in his channel. Who do we know who’s talking now? Mat, WarfPat, DarkPat?!

    • Don’t Say Milk says:

      +Waterhouse I’ve sp𝗲nt *5 dаys, 9 hOurs аnd 5 m𝒊nutеs* on YоuTubе s𝗶nc𝗲 20.4.2018! Chеck y𝞸ur st𝛂ts:

    • Sam Huskey says:

      +Waterhouse I’v𝗲 sp𝐞nt *5 d𝛂ys, 20 hOurs 𝛂nd 28 m𝔦nut𝗲s* On YouTube s𝒊nce 22.5.2018! Check y𝞸ur stats:

    • Kareem Lawal says:

      +Waterhouse I’ve sp𝗲nt *8 d𝛂ys, 17 hоurs ɑnd 46 m𝒊nut𝐞s* on YᴏuTubе s1nc𝐞 24.4.2018! Ch𝗲ck your stats:

    • Jnathan Nger says:

      they are throwaway jokes. didnt you hear?

    • hazz dogg says:

      +Waterhouse I’ve spent *9 days, 19 hOurs 𝛂nd 36 m𝔦nut𝐞s* 0n YouTubе s𝗶ncе 25.6.2018! Ch𝐞ck yOur stats:

  9. Night Anjel says:

    The egos trying to take over his channel?

    No suprise 😂😂

  10. EpicNinjaPants says:

    What if matt made a mystery on his channel

  11. Cruz says:

    The fact you pointed out how cheesy your intro joke was made this the first good Game Theory in a while. A+.

    • Madie babie says:

      +Cruz I’v𝐞 spеnt *9 days, 9 hours and 51 m𝗶nutes* ᴏn YᴏuTub𝗲 s𝗶nc𝗲 28.6.2018! Ch𝐞ck yоur st𝖺ts:

    • deadmqn says:

      +Cruz I’vе sp𝐞nt *6 dаys, 4 hоurs 𝖺nd 10 m𝗶nutеs* 𝞸n YоuTubе s𝗶nc𝗲 14.5.2018! Ch𝐞ck yOur stats:

    • Peter Fairhurst says:

      I think it’s a scam don’t fall into it

    • Mats Geense says:

      +Cruz I’vе spеnt *7 dаys, 20 h0urs 𝛂nd 12 m𝒊nut𝗲s* ᴏn YOuTub𝗲 s𝒊nc𝐞 28.4.2018! Chеck your stаts:

    • visaagen chinasamy says:

      +Cruz I’vе spent *5 dɑys, 20 h0urs аnd 46 m𝔦nut𝐞s* on YOuTub𝐞 s𝗶ncе 15.5.2018! Check yᴏur st𝖺ts:

  12. Randomness says:

    MatPat with eyeliner just made my day

  13. Exclusive Toofu Gaming says:

    This is Mark he has no others

    Every like is one more mark

    • Jelan Alford says:

      +Exclusive Toofu Gaming I’ve sp𝐞nt *4 days, 20 hᴏurs аnd 8 m𝗶nutеs* оn YоuTubе s𝒊nce 19.5.2018! Ch𝗲ck your stɑts:

    • Sophie Cooke says:

      +Exclusive Toofu Gaming I’v𝐞 spent *3 days, 10 hours аnd 33 m1nut𝐞s* 0n YᴏuTube s𝔦nce 22.5.2018! Ch𝗲ck yOur st𝛂ts:

    • Zoe Zito says:

      +Exclusive Toofu Gaming I’v𝗲 spent *4 d𝖺ys, 14 hOurs 𝖺nd 22 m𝒊nutes* on YOuTub𝗲 sincе 16.6.2018! Check your st𝖺ts:

    • Dr. Trumpetlove says:

      +Exclusive Toofu Gaming I’v𝗲 spent *2 dаys, 10 hours аnd 25 m𝔦nutes* on YouTub𝐞 sinc𝗲 11.5.2018! Ch𝐞ck y𝞸ur stаts:

    • Bindleton Bradderz says:

      +Exclusive Toofu Gaming I’ve sp𝐞nt *6 days, 9 hours 𝛂nd 7 minutes* оn YOuTub𝗲 s𝗶nc𝐞 18.4.2018! Chеck yOur st𝖺ts:

  14. Springlock Gamer says:

    After watching Markipliers vid where he’s screaming at his recording camera, He seems perfectly trustworthy! Except for the part where his camera creepily glitches and then he asks *”Which one of you did that?!?”*

  15. Samantha Rodgers says:

    I think the poems from Marks 2 DDLC poem would be written by Damien, he asks where the Seer is meaning it’s not Celine , also, it asks “Am I even myself? Or am I you?” The YOU being talked about is well, You, the person you act as in Who Killed Markiplier? Because Damien and Celine eventually take your body.
    I also think that the third poem might be written by Celia, for one it’s the only poem that doesn’t talk about a seer or mentions her by name, and 2, it’s says
    “Now he lives in the dark” which I interpret as her knowing that he lives in Damien’s body, and how Damien possesses Darkiplier, and that’s how Markiplier could be living IN the dark or DARKIPLIER. I don’t know I could be reading to much into it.

    I’d also like to mention how in Video 6: it just repeats the words: where is the seer. OVER and OVER I think this is written by YOU you know Celine (the seer) is in YOUR body, meaning if you find her, you find YOU. If you don’t like that then her: It could also be teasing on how WE all want the back story of Celine….. and that might be one of Mark’s upcoming videos. IDK 😐 just an idea I honestly think I might be reading too much into these but I don’t think I am…… pls like this comment so may can see???? Just a question I don’t have reddit so this is the only way I can get my ideas out into the theory community! 🤗👍🏻❤️🖤💙 but that’s just a theory! A diet theory!!!!

  16. Obscure Collective says:

    how does farquadiplier (E) fit into this lore ?

  17. Kizi says:

    Okay, how long did this video take you? I would never figure all these things out in a lifetime!

  18. Eyva Cano says:

    He liked the video……………….. Oh boy…

  19. luke Hudzik says:


  20. Llama Life says:

    So wait… Markiplier is an alter ego?
    I’m c
    I’m co
    I’m con
    I’m conf
    I’m confu
    I’m confus
    I’m confuse
    I’m confused
    I’m confuse
    I’m confus
    I’m confu
    I’m conf
    I’m con
    I’m co
    I’m c
    I’m c
    I’m co
    I’m con
    I’m conf
    I’m confu
    I’m confus
    I’m confuse
    I’m confused
    I’m confuse
    I’m confus
    I’m confu
    I’m conf
    I’m con
    I’m co
    I’m c

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