Game Theory: There’s No Place Like HOME (Welcome Home)

Game Theory: There’s No Place Like HOME (Welcome Home)

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Friends, today we’re diving into the world of Welcome Home! This art collection has been making the rounds recently for how well put together and impressive it is! However, what got me interested is the LORE! This website dedicated to a lost puppet show that supposably aired on TV is hiding SO much more than it seems. So settle in neighbor, and welcome HOME.

Check out the Welcome Home Megathread on the Game Theorists Subreddit ►

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Check out the mega thread on the Game Theorists Subreddit ►
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33 Responses

  1. Luca1108 says:

    “put your own mental health first”
    Says Matpat, with his countless FNAF theory videos

  2. CinnamonSakura 14 says:

    I’m so glad Matpat made a warning for Clown and to not take the theory to heart as fact or share it because of Clown’s mental health! Glad he heard our pleas and possibly from the FNAF restaurant incident of 2022, he grew as to not delve too deep. Thank you for this video, Matpat!

    • Don't want to miss says:

      Here is the full clip: u were looking for

    • Banashree Barma says:

      @Salem Crow welp, that sucks
      Glad to know it got resolved though

    • Salem Crow says:

      @Banashree Barma Basically Matpat made a theory saying that based on some of the FNAF books he thinks there was an ARG idea for FNAF that got scrapped and his idea of what it was going to be.

      /Unfortunately/ this also led to a bunch of restaurants in the area mentioned in the video being inundated with hundreds of phone calls, and Matpat had to put out a statement telling them all to knock it off. (Especially given he said he didn’t even think that there WAS an arg, just plans for a scrapped one MAYBE)

    • Banashree Barma says:

      Could you explain what incident? I’m not that well-versed with FNAF

  3. RemixRaptor13 says:

    I’m really happy game theory showed a lot of respect towards Clown’s project and feelings about it. It really shows us that Matpat does listen! He doesn’t go into all this completely blind, he really does the research for it.

  4. Rue says:

    I love to think Wally isn’t entirely aware of what he’s doing, he’s too silly to be evil i refuse to believe it

  5. plushdragonteddy says:

    7:25 i rly appreciate matpat’s read on “you do?” – it sounds very cartoony/cutesy like it’s from a children’s show, but also strangely off-putting. love itttt, i’d love to hear more vocal switch-ups like that from him in the future

  6. Inferno Flames says:

    Matpat once again being the internet dad explaining theories and teaching us many things.

  7. Kiran shot says:

    As a person that has been in this fandom for over a month (basically when it started bombing on the internet) I gotta respect Matpat for being so respectful to Clown. Altough I rlly wanted him to make a video ab it I was so afraid because of Clown’s mental health but Matpat did an amazing job. Truly got a lot more consideration ab him now

  8. Jayne Schaurer says:

    Love love love how kind you were about Clown’s mental health and boundaries. Excited for the series to continue, but also knowing that Clown was not prepared for this to go big so soon.

    • Garnet says:

      I’ve never been as big as Clown has now become but I’ve had periods of my life where I exploded in popularity in a fandom and it was always so paralyzing for me. I can imagine how spooked I was at my levels and just multiply it by 1,000 to imagine how Clown may be feeling. Oof!!

  9. Cole Kiesler says:

    Seeing MatPat actually piecing together all the Welcome Home lore even the secret Easter egg screens makes this not only a true Game Theory video, but also a video of MatPat actually making actual true and promising theories.

  10. Naomi Thornhill says:

    Just gotta say, whoever drew the designs for these characters is an artist. And if it’s clown, then props to him. This feels like it would have been a real and successful cartoon. Love it.

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