Game Theory: What is Ash Ketchum’s REAL Age? (Pokemon)

Game Theory: What is Ash Ketchum’s REAL Age? (Pokemon)

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Have you ever noticed how in Pokemon, Ash Ketchum has been 10 years old for a LONG TIME? Does this kid EVER AGE? If he did, how old would he REALLY be? Well Loyal Theorists, I watched EVERY EPISODE of this series to figure out how OLD Ash Ketchum is in real time!

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42 Responses

  1. dollove says:

    Me: everyone! This is not a drill! I repeat! ITS NOT A DRILL
    *Turns off music and TV*
    Me: New Episode Of Game Theory!!!!
    *I SWEAR* This is me literaly everytime I get the notification😂 its actually pretty fun to do.

    My guess is…….23? 20? Something around there.😒 pretty sure its going to be something with no sense that will blow our minds o.O

    BTW matpat I really want to know spongebob’s age since he goes to work, is in a driving school but he acts like an 8 year old or something 😕

  2. xXchara corgiXx says:

    My guess is 18-19 so being a young adult

  3. iDanieJadore says:


  4. dragonex800 says:

    hes obviously 69

  5. Luis Otavio Fernandes Schantz says:

    Try doing this: whenever the episode fits into both channels, post half of it in Game Theory and the other half in Film Theory

  6. Assassin says:

    I say 19

  7. Banana-Juice Onesie says:

    Um, excuse YOU Matty Patty! I ship Ash with Gary actually! For SHAME! How dare you assume my OTP!

  8. Justin Y. says:

    He’s 10

  9. Grief Wizard says:

    ITS MY BIRTHDAY 😀 im not asking for likes just informing. ^^

  10. Blade Johnson says:

    #1 on trending? MMmmmmmm

  11. bob dylan says:

    10, because Ho-Oh granted him the immortal power of a phoenix at the end of the first episode and he’s been moving around and changing companions to hide his eternal youth ever since

  12. Jenner Bradt says:

    The next video is going to be confusing. There are going to be a lot of contingencies and situations where the facts are simply not known. I will explain, off the top of my head, but just to put a guess out there, the older Ash ever reaches is probably 17.

    For one, Ash is definitely still aging in Diamond & Pearl (DP), the next season. This video ends with Ash at 15, so I figure that DP will make him 16, maybe 17, and his maturity level matches. That’s something that a lot of people miss. The immature Ash from the original seasons grew up and matured a lot. He became a very good trainer during The Kanto Battle Frontier and DP, but then something happened…

    Ash’s age and development was reset, with an unknown amount of his past reset. This happens in Black & White, the next saga after DP, of course. First episode hits, he’s 10, which is outright stated, and he sucks. Pikachu immediately loses to a baby snivy, while a few episodes before (at the end of DP) he had battled a Latios to a tie.

    In Black & White, Ash probably turns 11 or 12, but then something odd and very questionable happens. Ash heads to Kalos for the XY Saga, he’s much more mature, much older looking, and he’s better than he has ever been, by quite a long shot. Personally, I think that the Ash we left in DP returned, but we cannot know for sure. The best evidence of that is official artwork showing XY Ash back-to-back with DP Ash, standing taller as if he had aged.

    Personally, I think that XY Ash is 16 or 17, but not 18, whether he was the return of the original Ash or just a brand new invention. I personally think he was a returning Ash from DP, because of constant references to “The Real Ash.” Black & White had a lot of fan backlash, and people thought of that Ash as an abomination. I agree.

    A quick detour- Both DP Ash and XY Ash have similar final scenes in their respective saga. We see a shot of Ash walking back home, as if we are saying goodbye, and we were.

    Because the next and final/current saga, Sun & Moon (SM) throws more confusion into the situation. You see, XY Ash ended as one of the more truly powerful trainers to bless any region he’d care to go to. He had finished top 2 in the league, nearly beat the Kalo’s Champion League Champion, and showed the world bond phenomenon. Not to mention, he played a key role in saving the entire damn planet from a madman. Would this Ash, who all the girls love, who is a smarter battler than anyone, suddenly start acting childish and care to go to a Pokemon school in a vacation wonderland without a league?

    SM Ash is another age and development reset, but this time it goes unstated, to any degree, exactly what went down. All we know, at this point, is that his initial Kanto travels seem to be intact. Furthermore, Brock is still a Pokemon doctor in training. It’s like Ash has his entire past, but doesn’t. It’s a truly confusing situation.

    So- Yeah, I think that the maximum age Ash ever reaches is 17.

    BTW- Thanks for not stupidly asserting that Ash is perpetually 10 years old.

  13. Boby Senpai says:

    But if time doesn’t pass the same way in the show.. why are you using real life seasons and calendars..?

  14. delphox breeder says:


  15. The Person says:

    How does he get his videos on trending!!

  16. The Person says:

    1 like= 1 pokeball

  17. The Person says:

    DUDE! That intro was AMAZING!

  18. Potato Sauce says:

    trending? wtf am i dreaming

  19. The Person says:

    I was at the zoo and I saw a monkey smoking and I’m proud

  20. Potato Sauce says:

    *_Just when you think pokemon is dead._*

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