Game Theory: Why I Gave the Pope UNDERTALE!

Game Theory: Why I Gave the Pope UNDERTALE!

Undertale – Sans’s SECRET Identity! ►►
My Reaction to React World Controversy ►►
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A couple weeks ago I was invited to Rome to meet the POPE HIMSELF! And when I bring a gift to the Pontiff, I make sure it’s seriously good, which is why I brought him Undertale. I wanted to take the opportunity in this episode to talk about why this game is so important, not just for me personally but for the whole gaming community. As gamers, we know who we are, but every once in a while it’s important to let the world know that this community is about more than monster-hunting and level grinding. Undertale is a pretty awesome representation of where we’re going as gamers, so good on you, Loyal Theorists! Stay determined and keep up the good work.

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20 Responses

  1. edgar vargas says:

    flapjack ;)

  2. Pengu “Pokepenguin” Chan says:

    Is it wrong that I cried at the end? ;-;

  3. Girl Gamer Theorist says:

    Sweet Snacks all the way

  4. Tobias Setiawan says:

    it’s sad tha the top comment got some those guys that dissapointed or hate
    these kind of topic.

    maybe we just need to admit it. gamers is gamers. game, for some, become a
    tool to unleash your violent side (stress, hate, etc). I know that out
    there, there is gamer that not only see their game as just a pew-pew bang
    bang. there’s something deeper. and they eager to tell to the outsiders
    that misunderstand gaming. But, as long as cyka blyat and f*cking each
    other mom that soaring on everyone ears, it’s a tough job.

    for matpat, i appreciate this vid. actually, i like it. my subscribe still
    with you 😀

    (np: not sorry for ludicrously bad english, not my main language and need
    to learn better grammar)

  5. Dog Vader Bark Lord of the sith says:

    Keep Texas out of this

  6. Jake Epic says:

    he sums It up perfectly, “life is too short to hate.”

  7. Nick Roy says:

    Is it bad for me to like playing the Genocide Run?

  8. Kunabee says:

    Good grief, these comments are awful… I personally really liked this.
    Good job MattPat.

  9. Cake says:

    This very ignorant and I’m not even religious and I’m offended

  10. Voice Master 13 says:

    i wanna be you when i grow up

  11. Robert Scoville (IhaveMusic) says:

    Seriously people, you apparently didn’t get the message. Just because you
    don’t like the subject material, doesn’t mean it’s a bad video. It has a
    nice message at the end, and promotes pacifism. So comments section=Cancer

  12. Nate Carr says:

    My favorite video by far even if it isn’t a “theory”. It by far has one of
    the most beautiful messages I’ve heard in a while in a video, and MatPat,
    you said something that a lot of people, the world, needed to hear. I say
    this not as a viewer of your channel but as a person, thank you for this
    MatPat, thank you.

  13. the_world of vlogs says:

    judt kidding

  14. PsickiK L says:

    undertale? serious? unsubscribing this channel…

  15. DrCandyman , says:

    Sweet snack

  16. Exantius9 says:

    Suggestion for a Theory: is the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4 actually a
    Like this comment if you want to see this theory

  17. Jack Knieser says:

    I would’ve given the pope a virtual reality tentacle hentai game.

  18. StevieAwesome says:

    how do I vote for the super amazing end card tournament? when i click it it
    just goes to the game theorists youtube

  19. James Bailey says:

    salty snacks

  20. Alianger says:

    7:10 but Soleil did it before it was cool.