Game Theory: Why You HATE My Theories (FNAF)

Game Theory: Why You HATE My Theories (FNAF)

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Friends, today we need to talk about FNAF. I know that seems like the norm around here but today is a bit different. Things in the Five Nights at Freddy’s community have been a bit hostile of late, it’s hard to present an opinion, or a theory, without being attacked pretty heavily, and it’s not just me thats feeling this. So let’s talk about that because I think I know why this is happening.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
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39 Responses

  1. Iker Unzu says:

    I’m sad the fnaf community has become so hateful, to literally everyone. Every single theorist who tries to solve the story, the complicated lore, is automatically hated. I LOVE FNAF, but I dislike a large part of the fnaf community

  2. Cherry says:

    I don’t really play fnaf, but I love watching fnaf theories done by your team.

  3. Tonii_Say_So says:

    how dare anyone ever say that this man has become lazy with his theories? This man puts in so much work? His team is incredible. I’ve been watching this one guy talk about the same franchise for nearly 10 years.

    • SsgtTucker says:

      Only theories Matt’s made that I personally hate are the Star Wars ones, a lot of the information in them is wrong or missing proper context. Other than those videos, I love the horror based theories

    • UltraBigFella says:

      ​@SsgtTuckerA lot of his older videos just used incorrect info, and showed that he wasn’t actually a fan of the subject, such as Game of Thrones. I like that he doesn’t do those anymore.


      He put a lot of work in the editing but in the theories… Well, I can’t say he is terrible at making theories nowadays, but like, the theories nowadays just get one LITTLE THING, and with that thing, they do an whole theory about it.

    • pixelstorm! says:

      Yes so true!!!! P R E A C H

    • Ax31Tomb says:

      The theories aren’t lazy, just bad, I respect Mat but I can never find myself agreeing with him

  4. Cole Kiesler says:

    MatPat not giving up for the fans hoping the lore will be solved is possibly the most honest thing a Theorist can truly do.

  5. Alan Wolf says:

    Honestly, at this point I don’t really care about the final outcome of this franchise’s lore, the treasure was the theorising we did along the way. Thanks for bringing us on this ride Mat

  6. HyperWolf X says:

    I do think the important thing to remember with this is there is no such thing as an expert in FNAF. Due to the ever changing retroactive narrative and the obscurity of the story everyone is in the same boat with this game series. The only way we are going to solve this thing is if we work together and try to explore different points of views.

  7. Solid jj says:

    Well said Matthew

  8. Toni Irving says:

    “Go touch grass.” I love you, MatPat. I’m a little burned out from you video posting schedule across four channels, but I do still love everything you do. Thank you, and never change.

    • Rustie says:

      I think he was seriously offended by someone comparing online theories about a fictional franchise to one of the most deadly and serious diseases in existence… Just look at his eyes when he responds to that statement.

    • Aytch says:

      @Rustie Yeah, if MatPat looked at me like that, I’d be terrified of him, no joke.

    • Valor1 Omega says:

      So basically anyone who heavily disagrees with Matt are haters?

      Got it

    • Angel of Music says:

      ​@Valor1 OmegaCan you elaborate? “Heavily disagreeing” With someone can be considered as hating someone and thus make them a hater, so what are you trying to get at. They never said anything about being a hater, all he did was point out that if you are getting so pressed about a game, why? Go outside some

    • Daniel Mikail says:

      ​@Valor1 Omegathere’s a difference between disagreeing with someone, to comparing them to one of if not the most deadliest disease on earth.

      Matpat, last I Checked didn’t cause Millions of death, but guess what, Cancer does.

      Calling his silly theories literal cancer is disrespectful to everyone who have died to that disease, You can disagree all you want, but at least try to be somewhat polite, or at least don’t call harmless things like silly theories literal cancer.

  9. i don mind says:

    Theories are suppose to be fun not a competition. Keep going Matpat and all fnaf theorists!!🎉

  10. MSEWasStolen says:

    I never hated on Matpat for doing his thing. I’m not a fan of the new era of FNAF but that doesnt give me a reason to call these theorys he makes lies or half-fetched. And it just shows how much the community changed over the years, and honestly it’s making me sad.

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