Game Theory: You Are NOT The Hero Of Poppy Playtime (Project Playtime)

Game Theory: You Are NOT The Hero Of Poppy Playtime (Project Playtime)

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Loyal Theorists, there is a HERO that has been lurking around Playtime Co. for a long time. Someone whose job it is to protect, and we’ve found that person. With the release of Project Playtime, we got some new insight into the Bigger Bodies Initiative and some much-needed clarity about one of the BIGGEST mysteries of Poppy Playtime.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan Cybert, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, JayskiBean, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: GeekyPeanut
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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32 Responses

  1. Johanna Brown says:

    But if the prototype saves the toys by making them a part of him, why wouldn’t Mommy Long Legs want to be saved? Maybe the prototype is keeping them alive when they don’t want to be anymore? This was the only thing that struck me as weird honestly.

    • Manslaughter says:

      @BlunderingFool I know what you were going for but there are conjoined twins who live somewhat individual lives and still have a proper identity despite being in the same body. Still, valid point regardless, but just something to think about. There are two sisters who can basically hear each other’s thoughts because their brains are interconnected.

    • stabin42 says:

      Yeah, that doesn’t sit right with me either. I think that Matt is mostly right, but I think that there are two figures manipulating the toys. I think he’s right that there is one, the prototype, that is helping/saving the toys, the one you hear talking in the multiplayer game.

    • neolithiumproduction says:

      That was my thought to. She clearly is distressed about the fact that “He’ll make me part of him”.

    • Lilli Michaels says:

      It could be a warning to us the player. kinda being like: “He’ll make me part of him. You didn’t kill me yet.”

    • The dog loving Gamer says:

      @Soldier [TF2]The final tape in Chapter one confirmed that 1006 doesn’t need to eat.

  2. Dragon034 says:

    Mom’s Spaghetti is my favorite skin hands down. The reference alone makes it 11/10

  3. Dylan Johnson says:

    Anyone else like the idea that Poppy is essentially the yin to the prototype’s yang. They both want to save everyone still in the factory, it’s just two different views on saving them. Poppy wants to eliminate them and 1006 wants to keep them alive, it’ll be cool to see the civil war unfold over how to save all the experiments.

    • Alyson Martin says:

      Yeah – I think they are on opposing sides of whatever conflict is happening here, but it’s more nuanced than “1006 hero – Poppy bad”.

      My guess is that 1006 is caring for the monsters and keeping them alive while directing them to kill anyone that might try to restart the factory and experiments. If it is Elliot, then he would want to do everything in his power to stop the horrors he witnessed. But between the threat of starvation, the derelict facility, and his use/absorption of toys, their quality of life is near-constant suffering.

      I think Poppy wants to restart the experiments, and finish what was started. She tells our character that we’re “too perfect to lose” and seems intent on keeping us in the factory. We also can be respawned like the monsters in Project Playtime, and we know from Mommy (and Ch. 1) that we used to work there…which insinuates that we are also a monster. So maybe we’re the “perfect” version of whatever these experiments were supposed to accomplish, which allows us to live and survive out in the regular world, and Poppy wants to finish the work that created us and save all of the monsters that are living this awful life hidden away in the bowels of an abandoned, evil toy factory…but to do that means restarting the awful experiments…probably on us. And 1006 is against it.

    • Cinn clair says:

      Classic father and daughter disagreements

    • pasant mo says:

      Link zum Clip: Er hat was getan😯😯

  4. Rorim Eclipse says:

    Honestly thought the opening to this video was about to be the editors finally staging a revolution against MatPat and sacrificing him to Huggy.

  5. InfinityPrime0000 says:

    Remember when MatPat said the game theory logo was almost complete. Well in the beginning that’s might be the new game theory logo, Green, red, yellow and BLUE

  6. Calvin Knight says:

    Ok but can we all agree that “IF WE CAN BE BORN ON THEIR TERMS, THEY CAN DIE ON OURS” is such a raw line, and should be recognized for that?

  7. Robot Works says:

    I am so glad matpat is still making poppy playtime vids

  8. Get Gift Cards Codes & Vouchers says:

    After watching his reaction to the tutorial I knew he’d latch onto this.

  9. Among Us Stop Motion says:

    I was waiting for one of your videos, I really love watching them. They are the best, keep it up!!!

  10. Mia Khalifa says:

    Can’t wait for this episode of MatPat progressively loosing his sanity with each new Poppy Playtime episode!

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