GameStop Girl be Playin’ Games

GameStop Girl be Playin’ Games

Found a Gamestop that had a cute employee and of course nothing happened with that and everyone lived happier ever ever.

*Looking through comments on my wall post to give credit to the girl that suggested this title for this vid. Will update it here once I find it.

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50 Responses

  1. Ryan Cadogan says:

    Greetings from Jamaica to another fellow Caribbean man. Bless up 🙂

  2. Bhargavi HD says:

    I’ve never seen Game-informers stacked at the checkout counters? Is that just me?

  3. 700t says:


  4. Avalanche Gaming says:

    Did you go to the bjs in Elicott city/Columbia

    Edit: I don’t like it there

  5. Ariana Rivera says:

    Brah, honestly, your vids are the best… but damn, you a magnet for shit that’s crazy.? Love from PR❤??

    • Isaac Cruz says:

      Ariana Rivera I’m in Puerto Rico ?you should watch my new video of me traveling to Puerto Rico to see my family! It’s coming out tonight at 8pm

  6. Tyler M says:

    3. I wouldve been busy somehow during that birthday party…. like yeeeeah, thanks for the invite but i got places to be…

  7. lynn anne says:

    This chick can’t respect a marriage what makes you think she will respect you or herself??

  8. TuckerMoon says:

    “RUN BRO RUN” is what we have all been yelling.

  9. Gaming Shark says:

    I think Swoozie be putting himself in these situations for some juicy stories ?
    But it’s for that paper!!!

  10. AJMoney99 says:

    “i cheated on him”
    had to pause it was said so casually LMAOOOO

    Lord it got worse in like 10 seconds

  11. Jay Gacha says:

    Soooooo we not gonna talk about how kim is explaining the whole divorce thing and is NOT looking at the road?

  12. Scheddar Zooni says:

    hes playing with the switch controller upside down and still wins

    truly a legend

  13. Duchi says:

    *”So, I’m gonna divorce my husband”*

    _* casually puts water from a water bottle into a mug *_

  14. TheXavierClark1 says:

    Sounds like my ex wife. Married her when she was 19. Over the course of two years, just cheating and lies. Still great vid though swoozie

  15. AdvancedSoda says:

    Man, it’s always a good day when Swoozie uploads

  16. Flapsig4EvA says:

    Plottwist: Swoozie only told us about this story to apologize to gameStop for stealing magazines ????

  17. lia Gem says:

    I am obsessed with ur girl voice.

  18. The Lone Ranger says:

    Why are ppl in the comments saying Swooz can’t play the victim ??. I don’t see the mans tryna play the victim! He’s just tellin it like it happened ?‍♂️

  19. Joseanna R.A. says:

    4:45 KIM leaps over the line.

    Me: You okay Swoozie?

  20. Skull X says:

    She probably violated u and touched yo pp


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