Gandalf and the Fellowship of Celebrities

Gandalf and the Fellowship of Celebrities

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Russell says:

    go audition for SNL

  2. Katga95 says:

    OMG you’re so good! You also look like Robin Williams so much!

  3. polishchaser1 says:

    Thank you hide fedora extnsion!
    Checked comments cautiously and no goddamn reddittors.

  4. TheMetadude says:

    more – more – more :-)

  5. bevan185 says:

    Your Robin Williams is fucking spot on

  6. James Vignale II says:


  7. Mavarice Malbec says:

    You have really nice teeth. 🙂 I find it really eerie that your face also
    morphs into the character. I would easily believe you were a younger
    version of any of these people. Well done!

  8. Einar Molin says:

    i miss Robin Williams :(

  9. ryan tejeda says:

    Good bush 

  10. WEEABOO SENPAI says:

    My girlfriend and I have a request. We both notice you look quite like
    Corey Feldman in the Lost Boys series. Would you please by any chance try
    to do a Corey impression in your next video for us!

  11. yousef mn says:

    LOL this is awesome

  12. Saif AlBarwani says:

    Mission complete.

  13. Caryn Nycolle says:

    Super good impressions!

  14. Kodi “Allen Dewon” Johnson says:


  15. John Doe says:

    This guy is amazing, but please turn your phone sideways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Andreas Aroditis says:

    Great job man! :-)

  17. maloky alshehri says:

    looks like robin Williams

  18. Awis I says:

    Very nice work- You’re eyes change…why aren’t you working? Who’s your

  19. Layla Rodriguez says:

    No one will ever replace or be the next Robin but it’s amazing to see how
    much Robin has influenced many people. 

  20. greenvistacourt says:

    Wow. Outstanding!