Garbage Can Takes Out Kid

Garbage Can Takes Out Kid

Garbage can takes kid out instead of the other way around.


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20 Responses

  1. T E X A S ModernVids says:


  2. Simon Mino says:

    smh just pull the damn trash can dont push it

  3. OSMxLOBBIES says:

    Where are the parents?!?!?!
    How irresponsible!

    Kids should be inside playing video games where it’s safe.

    What kind of a horrible hateful parent would send their kid out to go
    through this???

    Someone call CPS.

  4. M A says:

    Kid:damn garbage cans be Hugh-Mungus

    Garbage can: Hughmungus wot? HOw DARE U?

  5. Crackerjack B says:

    Guns don’t kill on their own, but trashcans do…please join me in my
    campaign for stronger Trash Can Control

  6. Chris Gowen says:



  7. Taylor Coley says:

    *30 second ad for a 44 second video. Thank you YouTube for being as greedy
    as possible.*

  8. legendary gamer 18 says:

    In soivet russia, trash takes you out

  9. Texas Made says:

    pull don’t push.

  10. PDX Air says:

    Breaking News:
    Newly released video of President-Elect Donald J. Trump assaulting a young
    boy. More at 7!

  11. DeFlipside says:

    That’s because oscar the grouch doesn’t like moving to new places.

  12. Johnathon Vasuthevan says:

    Me when I’m trying to get rid of my life’s problems.

  13. zozo coco says:

    This is sending a message to every white kid who tries to push a black
    garbage can. Racism confirmed!

  14. +Big ant+ says:

    when your trash finds out you’ve been talkin’ that Shit

  15. hibroXD says:

    In Soviet Russia, the trash takes out YOU!

  16. glearful says:

    haha shulda lean forward and pulled, poor little Timmy

  17. Dylan Mondrus says:

    I guess you could say, “the trash took him out!”

  18. Savannah Ansari says:

    Little guy will not give up..Legend has it the boy is battling that very
    same trash can to this day.

  19. Taylor Norbie says:

    lol he is like I WILL bring this garbage can in… AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU
    CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. K “kvol” Vol says:

    At 0:40 I was like, “he’s got this” then BAM.