Garth Brooks’ “Stronger Than Me” Was a CMA Tear-Jerker

Garth Brooks’ “Stronger Than Me” Was a CMA Tear-Jerker

#GarthBrooks performed his brand new song #StrongerThanMe for his wife #TrishaYearwood at the 2018 #CMAAwards. It was a tear-jerker, just like he said it would be.

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#CountryMusic #Nashville

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21 Responses

  1. Patty isSpoiled says:

    Seen tonight on CMA …Made me cry BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  2. Rayford Carpathia says:

    Wish I could hear the whole song.

  3. Kym Austin says:

    That was a song from garth that will be played to my wife .. It says it all in our marriage.and even made me get teary eyed. Thamks Garth…..

  4. Sydney Strong says:

    Can’t wait until I get it on my phone. So glad the CMAs finally caved and let him sing his love some to the love of his life. Funny how 20 years ago he was singing songs about loving someone else, or looking in another’s eyes. And now he is looking at the woman who he has loved ever since 1988.

  5. D dfdefea says:

    This should be in Brokeback Mountain. Garth – get off the estrogen dude. Its embarrassing

  6. Sarah Williams says:

    I love this song Garth Brooks you are some man I love you ,you have a gift

  7. Dennis Smock says:

    Brooks, you always overdo it on stage. You always show way to much fake emotion in them love songs. People are embarrassed for you even your old lady. I read her face like a road map. Just sing the song brother. As with most things, less is more.

  8. TakeTheJurny says:

    who wants cake?
    ( • – •)
    / ⊃🎂

    cost = 1 like

    Also if you care to tip I take Youtube subs :3

  9. Santi A says:

    Good morning Julia! Thanks mommies, try it out.

  10. Maria Eugênia says:

    Prq ta em alta aqui no Brasil?

  11. Brennan Perdue says:

    I saw it live, it was a good song tbh

  12. Setnom says:

    Hey mommies, lets go full trottle .

  13. FreshMixes says:

    #2 on Trending ?

  14. MaceWin Dont says:

    “I like that”

  15. max silbert says:

    Let’s get physical with this video, I like that…

  16. Help me get 100 Subs with NO VIDEOS says:



  17. أجمل الأغاني says:

    this video is very good

  18. Help me get 100 Subs with NO VIDEOS says:

    “I’ll slap Garth Brooks out of his Rhinestone shirt” – Eminem

  19. Weird Wombat says:

    He is incredibly nice in person. Like seriously a real sweet guy.

  20. D E X X I E says:

    I really like Thattttt

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