Gary Johnson: ‘I Feel Horrible’ About Aleppo Answer

Gary Johnson: ‘I Feel Horrible’ About Aleppo Answer

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson said he was “incredibly frustrated” with himself after failing to recognize the name of the Syrian city of Aleppo in a TV interview Thursday. Mark Halperin got his reaction briefly after his comments.

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20 Responses

  1. FimamanGameplay says:


  2. Teadermin says:

    The word “epicenter” really stuck with him! A le upboat for you xD from

  3. Brian Kirchhoff says:

    Jaw dropping video. And Mark… you should be a director. The lonely shot
    of him walking to the doors of the lobby is sadly priceless.

  4. flutiexxx says:

    Plenty of disqualifying positions Gary Johnson has taken before this
    non-answer. The guy is a progressive hack.

  5. Pepe dealer says:

    Holy fucking cringe this guy is a joke hahahahahahha

  6. mrspoon1259 says:

    Jesus christ…………….

  7. Muslim604 says:


    Aleppo is the largest city in Syria, a city where 10s of thousands of
    Iranian-backed militias have gathered to starve a dignified population into
    submission. And no one is helping them except Islamists so they’re forced
    to ally with them. The people of opposition-held Aleppo are far from
    fundamentalists (many are secular) but a void is being filled.

    Meanwhile Assad and Putin rain bombs on hospitals, schools, marketplaces,
    and homes – every day and every night. *Far* from the front-lines of the

    Aleppo is the conscience of the world, gone up in flames and collapsed in
    rubble. Aleppo is the failure of the West, as they coordinate and
    communicate with Putin over airspace in Syria, and thus become complicit in
    the massacres. Aleppo is the complete and total utter failure of the
    leaders of the Muslim world. They sit in their palaces and towers, turning
    away refugees, as their fellow Muslims are starved and massacred.


  8. Stephanie L says:

    Not even close to being as bad as Trump’s brazen ignorance… but still
    pretty embarrassing.

  9. Ctomfly1 says:

    OK, I respect Johnson 100% more now.
    He just honestly admitted he was actually guilty of not knowing about the
    important city.
    That took balls.

  10. coot ster says:

    Aleppo will be the new name of germany’s citadel soon. Thanks merkel!

  11. Commander_Ninja says:

    Johnson’s most presidential characteristic is “He’s not Clinton or Trump.”
    Shit I’m as presidential as him.

  12. mo O says:

    That’s what happens when you smoke the weed.

  13. Edward Fielding says:

    Classic look of a deer in the headlights. I can’t believe what a mubbling,
    bumbling fool he seemed to be.

  14. Pete Agassi says:

    He’s such a fucking kook lol! Look at how he walks!

  15. belevezero says:

    This is worse than not knowing what Aleppo is.

  16. Trophy 205 says:

    He gone….. take your Chuck Taylor wearing dumb ass home. It’s all over

  17. Prometheous Maximus says:

    All you Hitler and Hitlery bots are so funny and will get what you deserve
    when you don’t elect Stein or Johnson, least he admits his mistakes unlike
    your candidates. If anything it shows he’s a real person. This country is a
    circling drain…..

  18. Cardshistory says:

    Welp, looks like all these candidates seem to “short circuit” except Trump.
    Maybe because he’s a REAL leader. Trump 2016!

  19. Harold Goodman says:

    Brilliant!! You can’t buy publicity like this.
    Now the 70% of Americans who never heard of Gary are saying, Wow! An honest
    guy who can say, I don’t know and is fine with it. This is the person for
    the White House.

    Please bash us some more!!

    johnsonweld (dot) com

  20. DonaId J. Trump says:

    He showed weakness. He cannot lead this nation.