Gary Johnson thinks ignorance is an asset

Gary Johnson thinks ignorance is an asset

On MSNBC 10/4/16

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20 Responses

  1. WeeWeeJumbo says:

    ThinkProgress, you should dress up your YouTube presence a little bit. Some
    logos or a relevant background. Make it look like somebody lives here

  2. Red Baran says:


  3. Mark Gibb says:

    What kind of asshole wrote the headline? Johnson said nothing of the sort
    in the video. He doesn’t think it either. Why is there so much dishonor in
    the media?

    Johnson is saying that is more important to have a coherent philosophy and
    policy positions than to recite particular facts. I agree with him. It’s
    just gotcha politics at work.

    The press does the same thing with Trump. They wet their panties when Trump
    said something about Hillary not having her secret service detail and what
    would happen to her. He was making an analogy about how guns can be used to
    protect people. The attack on him about that was in pure bad faith. I’m not
    even a Trump supporter and I can see the bias.

  4. Blake Exposito says:

    Geographic locations? Completely irrelevant to being commander in chief

  5. Allan Bacon says:

    Gary Johnson is worried about America. FTW.

  6. Saracen Black Romans says:

    They’re twisting his words on purpose. But he should be more humble when

  7. Max Klein says:

    I think I understand what he’s saying in regards to our foreign policy and
    agree with it. But he’s saying it incredibly poorly. (Unfortunately it also
    doesn’t have anything to do with knowing the names of foreign leaders)

  8. AESOPIC says:

    Gary Johnson, the man with the physical aesthetic of a chewed eraser and
    the social awareness of a brick. The only thing more embarrassing than the
    idea of him representing us on the world stage is his complete and utter
    lack of social awareness in important interviews. he makes good points
    about PTSD and war, but that’s only because he was prepared to talk about
    those topics, that’s why he derailed the shit out of the question. he can’t
    admit that a presidential candidate NEEDS to know about world leaders and
    where they preside. How does he think he’ll manage to convince us

    what a great election season! we get to choose between a systematic
    warmongering alien, a rich dumb racist fuck, and a no-name extra who
    somehow wandered onto the wrong set. i guess this is what decades of
    unregulated capitalism, war and living in excess does to a nation.

  9. rjcass33 says:

    Hell yeah!!! Vote Gary Johnson.

  10. WOLF RAGE says:

    Voting Gary Johnson so much better than killary or Donald
    media is biased as fuck

  11. Flash Plays says:

    Can you get me to 25 subs it my birthday and it would be cool if you guys
    could sub

  12. Mike Oxlong says:

    Here goes more people trying to bad mouth Gary to keep him away from the
    public eye

  13. Mark Lo says:

    Gary Johnson will get 0.001% of the vote his terrible

  14. Nukalord says:

    Gary Johnson is such a fucking joke it’s almost sad. Almost.

  15. Cornlips 4 says:

    He said psd… that’s just to damn funny. I really liked him until I got to
    know him though.

  16. CatOnDrugs says:

    I don’t want to feel like i have to vote for Hillary because I don’t like
    I don’t want to feel like i have to vote for Trump because I don’t like
    I don’t want to feel like i have to vote for Gary because I don’t like
    Hillary and Trump…

  17. Ronald Regan the man says:

    Please no matter who says it if someone says something stupid it’s the
    medias responsibility to cover it!

  18. Lily Evans says:

    Does he have eyebrows

  19. Cornlips 4 says:

    1:04 he said psd I had to make sure I wasn’t hearing things and I laughed
    just as hard the Second time. it’s just a slip of the tongue not unusual at
    all when your talking about a subject you have almost no knowledge about.

  20. Tallacus says:

    He’s such a piece of shit, the most anti Libertarian ever