“Gaston” Clip – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

“Gaston” Clip – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

“My, what a guy, that Gaston!” Watch a new clip from Beauty and the Beast featuring Luke Evans as Gaston and Josh Gad as LeFou.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast opens in theatres March 17.

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Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is a live-action re-telling of the studio’s animated classic which refashions the classic characters from the tale as old as time for a contemporary audience, staying true to the original music while updating the score with several new songs. “Beauty and the Beast” is the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior and realize the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within. The film stars: Emma Watson as Belle; Dan Stevens as the Beast; Luke Evans as Gaston, the handsome, but shallow villager who woos Belle; Oscar® winner Kevin Kline as Maurice, Belle’s eccentric, but lovable father; Josh Gad as Lefou, Gaston’s long-suffering aide-de-camp; Golden Globe® nominee Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, the candelabra; Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza, the harpsichord; Oscar nominee Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, the mantel clock; and two-time Academy Award® winner Emma Thompson as the teapot, Mrs. Potts.

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20 Responses

  1. Marichat Agreste says:

    i love beauty and the beast the best movie in the world❤❤❤????????

  2. ajitter89 says:

    Josh Gad being Josh Gad, what’s not to love!

  3. Matheus Goncalves says:

    his voice sounds just like the original! 🙂

  4. Fixed Fun says:

    I love it, it feels like a bar song even more.

  5. Youns says:

    It’s looks soooo good

  6. Stephen Murphy says:

    Gaston is the winner of the No Belle prize! ?

  7. ALittlePriest says:

    Luke Evans is too hot, help!

  8. Roman Draco says:

    0:10 Did LeFou seriously just snap a guy’s neck into place? When was he THAT strong!?

  9. charley15z says:

    Has there ever been a more spot on casting than Josh Gad as Lefou? I mean seriously, he was born to play this role.

  10. jasobres says:

    This guy’s not Gaston. Where’s that rich operatic baritone we so love to hate about him?

  11. Monica Weldon says:

    I dont know. He sings about being intimidating… but doesn’t really act it whilst delivering the line… hmmmmm…

  12. thecoolestguyinthecommentsection says:

    Is it just me or did they make Lefou seem gay-er in this version? I’m not saying that as a bad thing, because I guess it could fit with his character.

  13. Halsey Robert says:

    If Gaston’s chest isn’t covered in hair I’ll be disappointed

  14. Nora Georgieva says:

    0:10 for a second I thought he broke his neck 😀

  15. Conde Zafiro says:

    No one has a clip like Gaston!

  16. Hannah Bailey says:

    Luke Evans looks the part as Gaston, but that singing voice (at least in this clip) is WAY too high for the character, IMO

  17. Rory Carter says:

    The moment when you think Le Fou killed the baker.

  18. Semyon Galtsev says:

    I’m disappointed the girls aren’t blondes.

  19. Jessie Grider says:

    I didn’t make this up. But someone said, “Who’s a prick like Gaston? Who’s a dick like Gaston? Who dies at the end of the flick like Gaston?”

  20. TheAntAntStudios says:

    No one’s vain like Gaston!
    Causes pain like Gaston!
    No one falls to his death in the rain like Gaston!

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