Gateway to Sedona DEBUNK

Gateway to Sedona DEBUNK

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Captain Disillusion deconstructs the portal video and explains the concept known (only to himself) as the “piecemeal paranormal”.

Creators discussed:
FunkyFatHead –
Korney Aleev –
Adam Ellis –

Creative Commons credits of celebrity photos:

Alex Jones by Michael Zimmermann | Wikimedia Commons
David Blaine by MagicMama | Wikimedia Commons
Sasha Baron Cohen as Borat by Skssoft | Wikipedia
Deepak Chopra by Mitchell Aidelbaum | Flickr
Mehmet Oz by World Economic Forum | Flickr
Joseph Mercola by Joseph Mercola | Flickr
Vladimir Putin by |
Kim Jong-un by driver Photographer | Flickr

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51 Responses

  1. Ivan21234 says:

    Ooh, shit. Shots fired at Adam Ellis. This’ll be good

  2. flooblet says:

    captain gay retard here

  3. William McCarthy says:

    I stop what I’m doing just to watch this.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    I replicated this experiment the first time I tried it. I don’t know why it didn’t work for you all. By the way, I am a homunculus. Maybe that’s affecting things.

  5. Cameron West says:

    Mah, I can’t believe FunkyFatHead’s portal is fake… Thankfully mines is real.

  6. Rycon Roleplays says:

    Best day of 2018 so far!

  7. Normal Universe says:

    CD is an actual superhero. Thanks for the fantastic video!

  8. Col. Gob Knobbler says:

    God that homonculus video is my favorite, “BLYAT” *smash*

  9. Gooscar says:

    I burst out laughing when that Cicret ad came up

  10. Ami Yamato says:

    Absolutely superb! Still blown away by the amount of work that goes into these.
    Everyone watch this again and appreciate how many shots have vfx or motion graphics, plus all the research and writing required. All produced within *a month*. Staggering.

    • Jonathan Patterson says:

      You obviously haven’t seen how much green screen work goes into Ami’s videos. Green screens don’t just hang themselves you know.

    • Jesse H. says:

      Everyone playing along so readily with Ami’s channel’s conceit is seriously one of my favorite little cultural things about youtube. It’s so wholesome I just fuckin love it.

    • Bryan says:

      That was worth the wait

    • Odd Cumeron says:

      Hey I checked out your channel after your cameo on this channel. I really like your content!

    • aserta says:

      I do. I know the point of these is comical deconstruction of fake videos, overall, but really, to an open ear, these videos make really good tutorials.
      This video alone highlights a lot details that would otherwise fly out of a regular tutorial, yet, that provide a credible background to any video editing scene. They are a gold mine.

  11. The Monk Way says:

    Impressive editing as always Captain!

  12. fafinaf says:

    Finally! And 14 min? Thank you!!!!!

  13. sXeblues says:

    This really is one of the best channels out there.

  14. alittalien says:

    hurray for Captain Daddyllusion

  15. alittalien says:

    that Cicret bracelet cameo though

    • Adiaha Alexander says:

      alittalien I was at Target shopping for Christmas and a worker started telling me about the Cicret and was convinced it was real. I was “ooh baby let mama inform you” and showed him Captains video.

    • roguishpaladin says:

      It’s not a cameo, though. When you learn to view unsubstantiated videos with more credibility, people take advantage of that to slip in their own aim.

  16. Seasoned Reviews says:



  17. balrogdahomie says:

    This is why The SCP Foundation is my favorite web original media. The staff always makes sure to make it clear that everything they write is fiction

    • Louche freeco says:

      +Alfonce Jean True that! Also, how could you deny that I am real? Is it because I’m a toaster?

    • joibasta says:

      balrogdahomie That’s what they want you to think 😉

    • Synthetic Demon says:

      Real or not, you must admit, calling something out to be fake and exposing it is a very convincing method of making everyone believe it’s not real. Obviously i’m not saying it’s real, just food for thought, and i love the SCP Foundation as well.

    • Anstign says:

      Synthetic Demon Some SCPs are based on the concept that the Foundationverse is a fictional narrative. So, even in-universe the Foundation doesn’t exist.

    • roguishpaladin says:

      And that being said, someone STILL used Slenderman as a reason for their crimes. :-/

  18. jatekpartizan says:

    Wow. Captain D just totally humiliated that dude

  19. Ryukachoo says:

    wait a second

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