Gator Ate My Camera!

Gator Ate My Camera!

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In this episode of On Location, Mario recalls the time his camera was eaten by an alligator!

Well…technically not consumed but at least snatched from his hands and dragged to the bottom of a gator infested pond.

However, the most interesting part of the story is how Mario managed to get his camera back!

Get ready to watch the unbelievable story of “Gator Ate My Camera!”

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83 Responses

  1. RhettyforFun says:

    I bet when that gator bit the camera it wasn’t what he pictured!

  2. Vic says:

    Poor alligator just wanted to start a vlog channel.

  3. XuB Plays says:

    What do you call an aliigator in a vest?

    An inVESTagator
    *get it*

  4. Maximilian Bernard says:

    How many times are they fed during the day? Quite a few of them didn’t get any meat…

  5. Mr Wilson says:

    tap that bell icon in my photo, ENTER the WEIRD side OF YOUTUBE

  6. Dr. Lessy says:

    They’re just talking to the camera and the Alligators are just in the back like: “Every step you take I’ll be watching you-“

  7. The Red Salamander says:

    Do these alligators get farmed for meat and skin? I assume that’s why they have so many in such a small space

    • Filou Web says:

      No. I don’t think that Cayote would support that. He is obviously a animal lover

    • Brave Wilderness says:

      NO absolutely not

    • The Red Salamander says:

      Brave Wilderness Well that’s goo to know, since I really like alligators. They get a bad rap by a lot of people. Are they a sanctuary then? It feels a little overcrowded, but maybe the sanctuary is doing the best it can with the space they have.

    • Shad0n3 d says:

      The Red Salamander It’s not that crowded of you think about it I bet it’s at least 20 ft deep in the middle of the lake and it loksike that because it was their feeding time

    • Andy Aleman says:

      Brave Wilderness hello there

  8. Bruce Wayne says:

    What if any one of the alligator didn’t catch any ? Will it remain hungry then ? I am really worried .

    • Brooke Damm says:

      no need to worry, these are just snacks for the alligators. just like treats for a dog or cat. 🙂

    • pehlivan acer says:

      they almost completly shutdown their metabolism and everything if they get no food for a long period of time. they then have like 2-3 heartbeats per minute. because of that they can last weeks, months and even some one year.

    • Jorge OvO says:

      Bruce Wayne survival of the fittest

    • TEC_Rainbow says:

      Bruce Wayne 2-3 years

    • George Welch says:

      Might of been told already. But Alligators only need food every few months. and so long as it gets a bit of food within that time its perfectly fine… That said much like dogs they are always “hungry” so to say. But ya… its actually incredibly rare for alligators to actually go long enough to have adverse effects in captivity.

  9. Bubbo2000- Minecraft says:

    frenzy was hyped up but very underwhelming

  10. SpecialSalmon says:

    Alligators are sure are hungry animals

  11. A Lego Creation says:

    Since when is Coyote afraid of aligators ?
    He got bitten by one, sucked by leaches and even eaten by a whale ?!!!

  12. A Lego Creation says:

    Why can’t we swim with the alligators?
    Cause they are in their bath and want some privacy

  13. 66 99 says:

    Cant even imagine accidentally falling in there ?

  14. Sabrina Chavez says:

    Hi can you guys review pandas??????

  15. Izices says:

    That hollow snapping sound when they shut their jaws is terrifying.
    Those are gorgeous shots Mario, amazing job!
    It’s a miracle the memory card survived that long, underwater, in a pool of alligators.

  16. 24 says:

    This was Alli-greater!


  17. JEMustang says:

    How do they make sure they all got enough to eat?

    • romannwilson says:

      JEMustang they likely don’t unfortunately. however reptilians like crocs and alligators supposedly can go without food for long periods of time so if some of them didn’t get fed during this time the next feeding they’ll likely get fed.

    • 23.4 m says:

      They can eat once a year because of slow metabolism because being cold blooded

  18. Tank 103303 says:

    See that gator right there in that enclosure…I am going to poke it with a stick … Oooo its angrryyy in (in my best Gabriel Iglesias aka fluffy voice) ??

  19. Jordan95 HD says:

    This was an awesome video, guys! *_One of the many things that I love about your videos, Coyote, is that you show us what it’s like to get stung/bitten by the deadliest insects, creatures, sealife and reptiles in the world, not to mention that you go through a lot of pain to entertain us all, and that’s one of the many reasons why I love you! Keep up the great content! I love you and the other guys so much!_* ❤❤❤

  20. Joshua says:

    I am not a fan of the sit down and comment about the video so IF I see coyotes buddys,I’m sorry but I’m glad I click on this,love u Coyote. Sorry dud

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