I call the infamous Shirley Phelps to ask “How can I get into heaven?”

Shirley aggressively used the word “Fag” 41 times over the course of one week while commenting on my videos.

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20 Responses

  1. Terastas says:

    Asking a member of the Westboro Baptist Church to tell you anything about
    Heaven is like asking Justin Beiber what it’s like to grow old, Miley Cyrus
    what it’s like to be a mother, or Jen Arnold what it’s like to be so
    freakishly tall. It is something they not only know absolutely NOTHING
    about, but frankly couldn’t give a flying crap to ever learn anything about

    In Shirley Phelps-Roper’s world, there is Hell and only Hell. She thinks
    nothing of bettering herself, or even salvation for herself, and everything
    for the suffering of others.

    Ergo, Shirley and all of her brood are going to Hell. Not because they
    deserve to go to Hell, but because that’s all they think of. They’re not
    going to Hell to be punished. They’re going home.

  2. philster611 says:

    Shirley Phelps would make any straight man turn gay, The sheer sight of her

  3. Ross Potter says:

    When she stared to talk and said “Yikes” I died of laughter

  4. philster611 says:

    God Hates Shirley

  5. Greg Wycliffe says:

    Instant Classic! Outstanding!

  6. CPR4LIFE says:

    You’re awesome!

  7. Annaclarke2013 says:

    This is hilarious! I loved your voicemail! You just keep being you, those
    haters need a serious slap across the face with a bible.

  8. Ryan Nelson says:

    your mom is hot, btw.

  9. philster611 says:

    I am serious …..and don’t call me Shirley….

  10. tropicAces says:

    Not to get all conspiracy theoristy, but I remember reading a few articles
    a while back that the WBC was started by the government simply to discredit
    the public’s views of Christians, and if that’s the case its worked (the
    founder of the Church was close family friends with AL Gore)

  11. Aidan Carey says:

    I wonder if she commented on THIS video…

  12. Brad linf says:

    The best way I can show how I feel about Shirley is to like and subscribe,
    so I did.

  13. mechking4511 says:

    You can’t really argue with the Westboro Baptist, It’s like arguing at a
    wall really. You can get your point across all you want, the wall doesn’t
    care, all you can do is tear down there signs, but that doesn’t really make
    you look any better either. Either way, it’s still fun to see people
    actually fight back against them.

  14. streetrace442 says:

    Westboro Baptist may handle issues the wrong way without question. Even I
    know they take the Bible out contents when it comes to the military.
    However, your comments make it clear that you are no more interest in going
    to heaven or learning what the Bible does say than Westboro is willing to
    stop acting like a chicken with its head cut off with the Bible. Not
    liberals version of a fundamentalist, but actual fundamentalist have stated
    that Westboro is out of control.

  15. Papa Bugg says:


  16. Zero Ninety says:

    Wow, she REALLY hates cigarettes doesn’t she?

  17. Kris Perez says:


  18. Kimberly Murray says:

    god love’s everyone even gays

  19. filoIII says:

    This guy isn’t “gay.” He’s a homosexual. BIG difference.

  20. Jacob Villa says:

    Yo bro I’m a Catholic and she’s not acting Christian one bit. Relax you’re
    going to Heaven if you keep doing good. As Catholics or Christians we are
    supposed to respect ALL beliefs. Also, I like how you’re all chill about it
    and make it funny. But all those haters, just please stop dissing my