Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell respond to Charlie Rose allegations

Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell respond to Charlie Rose allegations

“CBS This Morning” co-hosts Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King are responding after reports of sexual misconduct allegations against Charlie Rose. The accusations published in the Washington Post include unwanted sexual advances, groping and exposing himself to women who worked for or aspired to work for Rose’s PBS program. CBS News has suspended Rose in light of the accusations.

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79 Responses

  1. 112musician says:

    Thank you for doing this thoughtfully and not just making it go away. I know I didn’t know him personally, but like so many famous broadcasters I invited Charlie into my living room via TV across many years, decades, and for it to end this way is just unreal. I am not ok either. I am especially saddened that my young sons are now aware why Charlie Rose won’t be in our lives anymore. Something good has to come out of this. People in power, this behavior ends now!

  2. Randy Keller says:

    Alleged behavior is the key word. When is the actual trial, or is it over already?

    • Irvin WC says:


      PR 101: damage control

      Admit to the crime as quickly as possible. Beg for forgiveness. That way when the next accused comes along. Focus will quickly shift from you. Your negative exposure will be limited.

      But never, EVER defend yourself. Especially if you’re innocent.

    • Bob Saget says:

      Charlie Rose is alleged like Stephen Paddock is alleged

    • Edwardo Hambel says:

      Why don’t the counts on the “thumbs down” icons show up? I wanted to say that I gave Mary Walters’ comment a thumbs down.

  3. Brad Byington says:

    Aren’t they throwing him under the bus here?

  4. Brody Benson says:

    They knew, and did and said nothing, Let me be very clear!

    • Julia K says:

      It is unlikely they knew. The accusations came from those who worked with Charlie on his PBS show, where he is an executive at his own production company. One of his accusers was his assistant; it is unlikely he would openly sexually harrass or assault his victims around those who worked at CBS, where he is an anchor who can be easily disposed of and is always watched.

    • Universal Basic Income says:

      Drumpf doesn’t fall far behind.

  5. Michael Alexander says:

    Charlie rose is in his 70s. He can’t come back now. These poor women seem shattered by the news about Charlie. This is sad. How is this going to end?

    • Bryce D. Anderson says:

      Poor Charlie…….he can’t come back now…..and he can’t get it up either……He’s done. But don’t worry, I’m sure he has millions put aside for his retirement.  He got what he deserved. If he wanted to get some, he should have just taken a vacation to Amsterdam, go to the red light district. It’s all legal there. What’s the big deal?  These rich famous people being accused of this stuff need to wake up.  They should take them all to the bank if you ask me. What a bunch of losers.

    • Thomas Rogers says:


    • ConservativeAnthem says:

      ferzy09 — Maybe they can use it to do a Jerry Lewis styled Molesta-Thon to help raise funds for the abused?

  6. Bimbo Baggy pants says:

    So sorry about this . Rose was such a good host and journalist. Too bad he chose to be a sexual predator.

  7. Lynn Grant says:

    Every accusation deserves investigation, but we should hold our condemnation until we have proof or admission of guilt.

  8. Justin says:

    Was that Charlie Rose in the background furiously jerking off??

  9. Sandra Carter says:

    I believe CBS morning news allowed, and thereby encouraged, way too much sexual tension to take place between Rose, O’Donnell, and King while broadcasting news to millions and millions of the listening public. I’ve watched this for quite a while now and what always comes to mind………”Walter Cronkite is probably turning over in his grave with such an unprofessional atmosphere at his old reporting desk”………Shame on CBS.

  10. John MacTroll says:

    “This is not the man I know”: This is not the side he showed you, is all.

  11. imacprouser sam says:

    USA is ruled by dicks quite literally 🙂

  12. Hercule Holmes says:

    That’s it, its over Charlie … CBS morning news get Rob Lowe to replace him.

  13. RubberWilbur says:

    Well lets talk about the fact that Gayle King has zero talent and charisma and is only in front of the million dollar cameras because her lover and best friend is Oprah Winfrey. So she knew how to use power, control, and her sexuality to get ahead of more talented choices who I assume that some Charlie sexually harassed.

  14. Marc scalera says:

    Live by the Libby’s, die by the Libby’s

  15. camlwatts says:

    I love seeing all these liberal losers crying over their perverts

  16. Freedom Fighter says:

    Another sick liberal canned.

  17. Bob Grueneberg says:

    Ratings will plummet without Charlie, it’s a worthless show without him.

  18. Benny .Burmeister Jørgensen says:

    lol Democrats pedohiles and sexual predators. Liberals you maybe abit to liberal for you own good hahaha

  19. CraigVader says:

    Broken, twisted black female with no husband…Doesn’t want a stable family…Damaged by feminism with no family VALUES…No MORALS or moral authority…Well said Norah…

  20. Heather Watson says:

    I have a theory that there are two different types of sexual aggression. One type has a person, usually a man, who has some kind of professional power over another and he or she uses that power to demand sexual favors with consequences coming if the favors are not fulfilled. Another type of aggression is a person who due to his or her status believes, incorrectly, that they are sexually desired by some specific person when, in fact, they are not. It would take a lot of naivety and poor judgement, but it is possible that Charlie Rose is the latter of the two. He could invite a lady over with a twinkle in his eye, saying that he would like to get to know her. She thinks this is her chance to take a step up professionally only to find Charlie Rose with his robe opened, Charlie wrongly thinking she has desires for him. Either way, there is guilt.

    • dbright says:

      problem is, how do i distinguish the two? so many decisions about hiring, firing, and promotion are made in secret. group 2 people could disguise themselves as group 1 people, is it not the case?

    • Heather Watson says:

      dbright I think both types of sexual aggression are equally guilty of just that: unwanted sexual aggression. Hypothetically there is a man who has no professional power over any women. He invites women over only to expose himself when he answers the front door. Is that an offense comparable to the wrong-doing of Charlie Rose? I don’t know. I think it would be. The social power emboldens the guilty, it does not make the wrong-doing more egregious.

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