Gemini Man – Official Trailer

Gemini Man – Official Trailer

Check out the first look at Gemini Man, in theaters October 11, 2019.


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56 Responses

  1. Jiayi Chen says:

    director: so do you wanna be the protagonist or antagonist?
    will: *yes*

  2. Hakeem Hakim says:

    YO you fightin Mike Lowry!!!! Its like Mike Lowry Vs I Am Legend!

  3. Movies798 says:

    Looks really good! This film like Independence Day vs. I Am Legend. Looking forward to this film.

  4. Speedking_A1 says:

    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air VS. Will Smith

  5. Aşırı Normal Kişi says:

    Will Smith 1:Who are you?

    Will Smith 2:I am you but stonger!

  6. Keveneven says:

    Will Smith: The actor so nice they casted him twice.

  7. Quante' Ellison says:

    Damn Will making big moves, with Bad boys 3 now this ✊ congrats Will

  8. Valin Summers says:

    There needs to be a Will Smith Cinematic Universe.
    Get all his characters together for one movie.
    Avengers be damned, Cause Oscar from Shark Tail can take down Thanos.

  9. alwaysbusiness4 says:

    Talk about getting paid….
    Two paychecks for Will and Mr. Smith
    Damn ?that’s a bad man

  10. Jordan Denny says:

    CGI and make-up to will Smith
    “Yahhh, iss rewind time”

  11. Karl Clarke says:

    So basically it’s

    Will Smith starring as solid snake
    Will Smith starring as big boss

    It’s mgs all over again lol

  12. Jay Koops says:

    So basically Looper, but instead of future and past selves fighting each other, it’s clones this time.

  13. LAVISH LAVO says:

    Was that jaden Smith doing the vocals in the background?? ??

  14. Simon Rupsi says:

    wow lokks amazing to see young will smith against older.

  15. Emmett says:

    This has nothing to do with the Gemini zodiac sign, so all you geminis please sit down.

  16. Megumi Hayashida says:

    All I see is the fact that they can reboot The Fresh Prince with the same cast including Uncle Phil.


    EVERYONE REMEMBER! This very, VERY early stuff. The effects are NO WHERE NEAR FINISHED. But from what I see this looks very good. ?

  18. John Agudelo says:

    Will can you play two people?
    No I’m just one man
    Director: no.. you’re Gemini Man
    Will: ?

  19. blackgingersrock says:

    The Stale King: Who are you?
    The Fresh Prince: I’m you but *Fresher* .

  20. King of the Bruiser-weight says:

    Executive Producer: Will Smith and W. Smith
    Head Writer: Will Smith, Will Smith
    Script Supervisor: Will Smith
    Director: Will Smith and W.S.

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