Gender Reveal Goes Wrong When Explosives Cause Arizona Forest Fire

Gender Reveal Goes Wrong When Explosives Cause Arizona Forest Fire

Boy or girl? Either way, an Arizona couple sure wasn’t expecting a fire. Newly released video from the U.S. Forest Service shows the moment a gender reveal party went horribly wrong. Border Patrol Agent Dennis Dickey and his wife, Rita, gathered friends and family in April 2017 to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. But when they fired a rifle at explosive powder in a target, it ended in a fire that burned nearly 47,000 acres.

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91 Responses

  1. ded grape says:

    *That’s alot of damage*

  2. Enow Asam says:

    Ban baby reveals.

  3. Aj Lomo says:

    That’s a sign that the baby is gonna be a living hell

  4. Gary Biancini says:

    I guess it’s a girl too

  5. Jodi K says:

    And this the reason you don’t have kids people

    Edit: this is a really bad joke also thanks for all the likes

  6. Squirrel In Its Natural Habitat says:

    Why is this video so weirdly made??

  7. doodle bob says:

    So they’re having a demon?

  8. FLOODOFSINS says:

    Dumbass of the day and the sad part is he’s allowed to breed

  9. Jefferson Juno says:




    g the baby hasn’t even got here and has caused so much damage

  11. Hey_it's Lindsay! :D says:

    DOnT worry you can fix it with Flex Tape 😉

  12. Reagan McConville says:

    It’s neither a boy or a girl it’s a explosion

  13. Lumi says:

    That’s gonna be one hell of a story for that kid when he grows up.


    Well done you idiots 🙄

  15. I am a lit Bean says:

    Popping a balloon wasn’t enough for these parents (should have been the title)

  16. _Bob McCoy says:

    *_Lisa Guerrero would confront that Forest Fire_*

  17. rhyno514 says:

    Wow, all I did was call and told everyone I’m having a girl

  18. Michael says:

    Dry brush, explosion? And these people, they’re having a child?

  19. Nikki Smith says:

    All that dry brush?! Really?!!! You couldn’t think of anywhere else to do this?!

    • Isapizza 9191 says:

      LilyRoseWolf /ye I feel bad for the child, but the parents shouldn’t have been so clueless. Everyone knows that dry grass and explosive things don’t go together. I’m not saying that I don’t feel sorry for the baby, im just dumbfounded that someone would be so careless.

    • Hum Shak says:

      it’s rednecks dude. how could you assume they have a brain. you’re not very smart.

    • MrRednexus says:

      Nikki Smith let do it in your house

    • niteseeker's Stuff says:

      It may very well have been the only place to do it, Arizona is a very dry place. But still, this has to be the dumbest way to reveal the gender of your baby ever.

  20. Dylan Marietta says:

    That is the definition of stupidity.

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