General Trivia Questions & Answers

General Trivia Questions & Answers

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40 Responses

  1. sam ster says:

    She got a lot right but the biggest continent wrong bruh 🤦‍♂️

  2. Diana. says:

    Bruh, as an Asain I lowkey felt offended. ENGLAND STOLE TEA FROM US.

  3. Aimun Afaq says:

    I know she got most of them right but thinking EUROPE is the largest and ENGLAND as tea central is so 😭😭😭 how do y’all erase Asia like that

  4. Condensation says:

    Biology:💯. Geography and History:💩

  5. Yes,my pfp is me irl. says:

    Whats weird to me is that she knows stuff about the body that most people don’t know while she didn’t know that Asia’s the biggest continent-

    • Dw Lonewolf says:

      @A Glaze the fact that people ask if the skin is an organ shows that not everyone knows that tidbit. So..🤗🤗

    • Ninja Noob says:


    • Dw Lonewolf says:

      @A Glaze not knowing basic world geography is more idiotic than not knowing the skin is an organ or that the heart has 4 chambers. Atleast you use map work in geography everyday your life.

    • AncientPause says:

      @Dw Lonewolf We learned in 5th grade that the Heart has 4 chambers and what the Femur bone is

    • Nah says:

      @Dw Lonewolf Im not saying 3rd grade equal year 9 bruh. I think you are getting me mixed up with another person. Im simply stating that 14 years old in my country can state those simple facts. Thats it. It aint that deep

  6. Alexander Martinez says:

    Bruh people find anything to be offended over! Recognize that she actually got most of these right because a lot of people her age wouldn’t know! The tea question is probably because of the high stereotype of the English involving tea in everything! And the continent question…….I have no excuse

    • Lotus Hanamaki says:

      People saying “oh im offended!” Its not that serious!! Its not serious at all, why are YOU being so sensitive over a joke? What are you a snowflake???

    • Teagan Xox says:

      @Lotus Hanamaki Chill. No need to be calling people sensitive snowflakes

    • Victo SN says:

      @Lotus Hanamaki your offended by people being offended, aren’t you also a snowflake then?

    • Not rick Astley says:

      I get that maybe these reactions are weird but cmon like these are not the level of people who are offended and like people are born in different places so it would make sense that maybe where she was born tea wasn’t a big deal, “bruh people find any comment that seem slightly negative to be offended over”

  7. Rachel says:

    I feel like these were all common knowledge questions except for which country invented tea. I gotta be honest, I don’t know. My guess would have been Japan, China, or India. But I definitely don’t know the correct answer (wouldn’t have said England though).

  8. ARandomSpursFan says:

    Fun fact: China was the first to invent tea during the Medieval and Ancient Chinese times

  9. Chicken Wing says:

    Me, being british: dont say it
    Her: england?

  10. Zion Rex says:

    If you asked me these question I would get everything wrong exept the “What is the largest continent in the world?” 🤣

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