Generation Gap – 91-Year-Old Woman vs 14-Year-Old Boy

Generation Gap – 91-Year-Old Woman vs 14-Year-Old Boy

A 91-year-old woman faces off against a 14-year-old boy to see how much each knows about the other’s era. #GenerationGap

Rudy Giuliani is Very Confused

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Generation Gap – 91-Year-Old Woman vs 14-Year-Old Boy

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86 Responses

  1. Krittibas Bora says:

    Old is gold.

  2. Worf says:

    Bozo the Clown is actually creepier than Pennywise

  3. Mohamed Farouk says:

    Hey, cousin Sal.
    Hey, cousin Jimmy.

  4. Yendi B says:

    JO looks dam good for 91 ??. Good hearing, ability to walk and right frame of mind

  5. Mohamed Farouk says:

    Hard questions. Unfair

    • Nathan T says:

      Just because she got them wrong doesn’t mean they were unfair

    • sean2015 says:

      I admit I had no idea what Minecraft was (I haven’t played video games in 25 years), and I had no idea who Cardi B was up until two weeks ago…but even I knew Walter Cronkite and the Osmonds. This woman should be ashamed for not knowing those answers.

    • Philippe Lemay says:

      It is unfair for the 14 yo kid. He had 14 years to obtain that much information, the other lady had 91.

    • Raesling Undomiel says:

      They should have screened the gap a little better, imo. She was clueless. Nothing to do with age…an older person should almost have an unfair advantage, unless they’re completely uninterested in current events.

    • sean2015 says:

      I’m 39 fwiw. So I’m much closer in age to the boy than the 91 year-old woman. Walter Cronkite and the Osmonds are both a little before my time but even I knew who they were. I can totally understand the woman not knowing Minecraft or Cardi B, but she should know Aunt Bea. _The Andy Griffith Show_ was like the most popular TV show in the early 1960s.

  6. ozeppeo says:

    Wow. I’d be so happy if I still was that fit (physically and mentally) when I turn 70 let alone 91

    • Jason Patterson says:

      I just want to be that feisty. When Jimmy asked Jo if she understood how the game worked… well, let’s just say that he’s lucky he was remote.

  7. Mohamed Farouk says:

    That’s a very wide generation gap.

  8. Andrei Agulescu says:

    Dude doesn’t look 14. He looks older. The lady is sharp for her age

  9. Dan Lee says:

    The “old” questions weren’t her generation either. It’s gotta be stuff from the 40s-50s. She was already 33 by 1960.

  10. rj bish says:

    Aye Travers welcome back
    Btw in Jo’s defence, I don’t think the questions were very good anyway

  11. Samuel Ferrer says:

    Unfair competition … only media related questions

  12. Chris Calvert says:

    Seemed a little unfair for the elderly lady lol

  13. SamMathers says:

    Travers looks like an uncomfortable Tom Holland.

  14. ThePikapika8 says:

    This man travers looks like he’s 20 at least

  15. melanielandon96 says:

    “mm..some broad..very large chest…ARDI B!”
    she’s the best hahah

  16. Archiduc De Belgrade says:

    Questions were meh. If wish they gave her questions thay are actuallly from the time when she was listening popular music of that time or legendary movie stars.

  17. dimitreze says:

    a clown from the 80’s is still too new for her hahahaha

  18. vivinpan says:

    Hey Jimmy. I’m 56. Those questions were for MY generation, not poor Jo’s!!! How is a 90 year old supposed to remember the Osmonds??? I could even name them because I came of age in the 70’s not the 40’s. I was gonna marry Donny! _ love you all

  19. Abel & CAIN says:

    I still believe that’s a pretty mature 14 year old kid 😀

  20. Brilliant says:

    when I saw him I was like “theres no way he’s 14” and then as soon as he spoke I was like “ok yeah definitely 14”

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