Generations React To AND MEET James Charles

Generations React To AND MEET James Charles

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Generations MEET James Charles. Watch to see their Reactions.

Reactors Featured:
Lucas, age 10
Sydney, age 11

Jayka, age 16
Jair, age 17
Ulises, age 17

Sabrina D.


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Generations React To AND MEET James Charles

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32 Responses

  1. FBE says:

    Thank you so much to James for coming to film with us, it was good & fun & fresh! Click here to sister subscribe to his channel:
    Follow us on Instagram AND follow us on twitter: ! Q&As, Casting notices to join the cast and more!
    Be part of the FBE Family! Subscribe, then hit the ?!
    Notification Squad: We respond to comments the first 30 minutes a video is uploaded, so be sure to turn on notifications and come say hi sometime!
    Thank you for supporting us all & our company! You’re all amazing!
    – FBE Team

  2. what? says:

    they were all sister shook

  3. Lalkaxo says:

    I smiled SO HARD watching this

  4. Samantha Is relatable says:

    I love how Lucas had the biggest reaction ?

  5. Ethans Stan says:

    All this wholesome content on YouTube is genuinely restoring my faith in humanity

  6. aly rodriguez says:

    3:15 i love my dramatic son

  7. x Lyrette x says:

    _I looked behind my back just in case, ok?!_

  8. x Lyrette x says:

    2:29 James like *Don’t leave me hanging shistar, I’m here to hug*

  9. AlexanderMin11 says:

    “Let’s just say He’s not James Charles”

  10. mood says:

    *james just did a 2 minute speech in 20 seconds…*

  11. Justin Y. Evil Twin says:

    James Charles seems like a guy that would put makeup on his wife for there wedding

  12. Ahrya's World says:

    I want this with Jeffree Star

  13. alex slack says:

    “flashback mary appears from the shadows”

  14. Shana Louisa says:

    I love how the majority are typical teenagers and then there’s 10/11 year old Lucas and Sydney ?

  15. Specky Girl says:

    I can’t stop smiling lol

  16. Undercover. girl says:

    Everyone when he sees James like

    OooOOhH mMAAa gGgGaaAADddDD

  17. Taco_ Head101 says:

    When the dad said “sister” I lost it ??

  18. defne div says:

    I bet the daughters of the dad are jealous ?

  19. Lesly Lima says:

    use code james for 10% off

  20. Paola Tua says:

    Sydney “I’m..Just not doing ok mentally”
    Me: ok but same

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