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  1. ً says:

    Imagine doing extra effort to charge ur phone

    • Despacito Spider says:

      @Mer Santos i want to imagine some people who cant live without a phone just straight up macho on their legs but super skinny on the upper waist after leaving

    • Joshua The Artist says:

      @YeettoMARS Or..
      Here’s a thought…
      Your phone isn’t that goddamn important?

    • 3 Wei says:

      Lmao it’s already an inconvenience getting up to find the charger & plug your phone in when you’re comfortable 😩

  2. Tad Petrie says:

    Oooooo A SAFE ZONE with CAMERAS!!! I would sure feel SAFE!!!

  3. xia _liz says:

    I wish more places had a safe zone lol, u can still get stabbed but now the criminal will surely hopefully go jail 😅 wouldn’t recommend stepping out of the zone tho

  4. Milton Rosario says:

    Why do people continue to believe these “safe spaces” keep people safe? Crooks love places like that. No fear of people shooting them. “Oh look, it’s a camera!” 🤭

  5. Daveeraps says:

    Not sure who needs to hear this but if you’re going through a hard time I hope things get better for you and your family.

  6. Tomasz says:

    I’m Polish and literally it’s the very first time I hear about that bike path (and I’m pretty up to date with technology IMO).

  7. Orbital Lizard Studios says:

    I love how the last “genius invention” is literally just security cameras

  8. Anastasia says:

    Thing is the security camera “safe zone” would probably be hindered due to the fact that Karen’s would park their empty cars there to make sure “they don’t get robbed” while shopping and people that have actual use for it would be left out.

  9. Risky says:

    That bike path is insane

  10. Risky says:

    Imagine you could charge your phone by eating 😂

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