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  1. Vas Vlogs says:

    Me bringing a giant sheet of paper-

  2. AstroFahl says:

    ”Not Greenland”
    Denmark: Am i a joke to you?

    Edit: I could not believe i would get this many likes! I have no idea why so many denmarkers decided to get angry.

  3. Bernard Studios says:

    I usually LOATHE TikTok videos like this, but this dudes chill. Just gives us the jist and no loud ass screaming or baby talking

  4. tono80 says:

    The student that did all the writing on the cheat sheet probably didn’t need it. With all the work of deciding what to put in it, he probably just learned the material

    • Sanjay Bhadana says:

      @Pedz Pedz writing down helps a lot wdym it doesn’t help

    • Benzi LZK says:

      @Sanjay Bhadana Especially in math, can you even memorise all the trigonometry equations? Even if I write it down a lot of times, I still can’t remembered it.

    • Benzi LZK says:

      @Sanjay Bhadana But writing down does help a little bit in the exam, which we can find what we were trying to find faster.

    • Sanjay Bhadana says:

      @Benzi LZK bruh why would u cramp up stuff for maths u definitely need to write stuff for maths why would u not practice for it, believe me if you think you can pass maths exams without writing a think you are very wrong

    • Stuffies022 says:

      It’s about the principle

  5. Vaibhawi Lal roll no 57 says:

    The fact that the teacher actually gave hin the points😂,best teacher ever!!💖💕

    • RanDUMB Videos says:

      The teacher didn’t… you can see how the plus doesn’t look quite right. It says -1.. the kid just made it +1

  6. PK XD series says:

    him: Talking about the red side and blue side
    Julia gisella: *finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary*

  7. KitkatDarnok says:

    When you work harder on your cheat sheet than just studying

  8. S D says:

    Him: this student was only allowed to bring one cheat shee-

    • Logan Kreisher says:

      At least at my university, only after a certain level like 300 level and up. Professors have realized that students shouldn’t have to remember insanely complicated formulas for something they can just look up on the job. So now we can study how the formulas are best used instead of just temporarily remembering them lol.

  9. HungryLettuce says:

    If were being honest they didn’t ‘beat” the system they were just being ‘smart alecs’

  10. EpicPanda Chris says:

    The Landlord should sue them. It’s his place, they don’t own it so they don’t have any entitlement to change what they please without getting permission. They won’t be living there forever 😂

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