George Floyd protests: Protesters march through Washington, D.C. after Trump issues curfew warning

George Floyd protests: Protesters march through Washington, D.C. after Trump issues curfew warning

WARNING: Event was a live feed from inside the protest march, and may contain images and language which are not suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised.

Protesters took to the streets on Monday in Washington, D.C. just hours after U.S. President Donald Trump addressed the nation on the ongoing protests rocking many U.S. states.

In his televised remarks, Trump said a 7 p.m. curfew would be “strictly enforced” within Washington D.C. as well, promising lengthy jail sentences and severe criminal penalties for anyone caught breaking the law.

According to The Associated Press, between 600 and 800 National Guard members from five states were now being sent to assist the U.S. capital, citing senior defence officials.

Earlier on Monday, Trump had mocked the nation’s governors as “weak,” demanding that they enforce tougher crackdowns and more arrests in their states amid another night of violent protest in several American cities.

The protests, which were sparked by the death of George Floyd — a Black man who died of suffocation after a video showed a white Minneapolis police officer with a knee on Floyd’s neck — have now entered their second week.


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56 Responses

  1. Cecile Malik says:

    Volume is low

  2. Metaphysical Grace says:

    Yeah that’s right…. Nice and quiet by them dem military boys and gals.

  3. Jaime Mena says:

    Finally lots of people left their parents’ homes and started doing some exercise.

    • Sin Page says:

      Andy J back at you Andy. I’ve watched these dumb bastards destroy, loot, and injure others all on the name of a murder victim! They dishonor his family and his manner of death by their stupidity.

    • 0906blue says:

      Like Michael Browns parents who got 3 million settlement for his future earnings. Basically they extorted the white community and at some point white people will have had enough. History has proven it to be that way.

    • Andy J says:

      @0906blue so do u know michael browns family personally??? Since ur such a genius on this topic

    • 0906blue says:

      Do I hang out with people like that no. Birds of a feather flock together. I live in the area. I remember grandma and mom were both selling memorabilia and mom didn’t want grandma cutting into her profits  so she knocked her around with a metal pipe. The vocational school they said he was attending had never even heard of him. Earlier that day he was knocking around an older India man and stealing from his shop. His facebook was gang stuff but they took it down real quick. Every neighborhood that became black in St. Louis was destroyed. You hear of white flight but you will never hear of black flight.

    • Jaime Mena says:

      @nole 89
      I am not a boomer, but your answer suggests you still have to learn a lot in life. You have to earn everything in life, and I know what I am talking about.
      You can call me whatever you want and think whatever you want about me, but my comment is based on facts not feelings.

  4. samat elikbaev says:

    They can’t arrest everybody at one time

    • Damon says:

      0906blue then you don’t know how humans behave.

    • CarriUSA says:

      Thug, punk, animals….not fit for society.

    • Brandon Palmer says:

      After tRump orders his troops to kill protesters in DC, thousands of protesters will rush the WH and it will get burned to the ground. They will kill maybe a few hundred innocent citizens but thousands will break through. I give the white house a 50/50 chance of standing in once weeks time. Most likely is this is a dry run for tRump on how to use the military to seize power. In November when he loses he has already conditioned his minions to believe the election is already rigged because of “illegals and mail in ballots.” The USA has not been this close to civil conflict and civil war since 1865.

    • HANBO says:

      They can open fire to the peole, the brutality can be much worse than any other country in the world

    • C. Morgan says:

      Want make a bet??

  5. Henry Henry says:

    this is probably the most exercise these kids have had in a while

  6. TheMagicalPoison says:

    May peace be with everybody. God bless you all.

    • andy says:

      Peace can be with us. Please watch x22 report these riots and violent protests are paid to do such illegal activities. We must fight the deep state. Hillary’s court date Is tomorrow I think we have a chance at making the world better for everyone.

    • Andy J says:

      @andy ur a good guy very straight to the point

    • feigna 2711 says:

      @andy You got it. That way they will bring in martial law after the staged ” lawlessness”.

    • andy says:

      Andy J I’m only on here Because I’m so disgusted with what is going on I wish peace for every one but we can’t have that until everyone wakes up to the fact we have been lied to for decades and the deep state is to blame. Tomorrow is Hillary’s court date I prey we see justice soon.

  7. Stop Talking says:

    Perhaps there will be a media black out soon.
    And then when the Military kills a few thousand people just like in Tian anmen Square, no one wil know.

    If Freedom is destroyed during a Media Blackout, does it matter?

  8. TheMagicalPoison says:

    Is this Washington D.C???

  9. N. B. says:

    At this point, the way 2020 is going, I won’t be shocked if the Joker showed up.

  10. Maddie Victoria says:

    1000% agree with the peaceful protests. I just don’t agree with destroying innocent peoples small businesses and property.

    • Olee _ says:

      guess what since SJW became a thing your msg as been kidnap from you

    • mifanointed1 says:

      I’m African American and agree with you. People with different agendas purposely become a part of the peaceful protesters to create violence so they can steal and carry out other agendas that has nothing to do with the agenda of the peaceful protesters.

    • Neondriver Cartman says:

      Okay so let’s encourage more protests and cross our fingers that Antifa won’t know about it.🙄

    • CyberGothika says:

      Typical white girl statement on the internet followed by others alike. ”Agree” but does absolutely nothing in favor of none of its own statements. They flew a helicopter above peaceful protests to disband them. These kind of method even against the peaceful just proves the angry people’s point. You don’t want people angry you’re either stupid or naive.

    • mifanointed1 says:

      @CyberGothika I’m African American and agree with her. Destroying your own community? I live 15 minutes from Ferguson. That’s like me being mad with you but setting my own car on fire. I’m pissed when I see the racism against us. I wonder if I’m next or my son is next.

      But I disagreed when people were here destroying Ferguson. That’s STUPID destroying your community and innocent people’s property because you’re angry. That makes businesses not want to invest in the community. That presently hurts your community and hurts it for the future. It hurts it for the future because less businesses want to invest in it.

  11. Mike Ray says:

    Next month will be sharks with freakin laser beams attached to their freakin heads

  12. Alma Uribe says:

    Put them to clean after themselves!!!

  13. Rob Brenton says:

    May The Flying Spaghetti Monster bless all these protesters 😇 May they all be touched by His NOODLY APPENDAGE ! 😇😇😇

  14. zijian Ji says:

    Americans wear medical masks finally……

  15. Eterpay Kugml says:

    It’s so good to be young and energetic … a great way to end the COVID quarantine

  16. Daphne Pratt says:

    Curfew was brought about by the few criminal elements.

  17. 1,000 Subscribers with no videos Challenge says:

    2020: *begins*
    New objective: Survive

  18. waba labadubdub says:

    2020 great show derector is god keep coming people love this wait for season 4 idk just enjoy the show

  19. Alex Bravo says:


  20. My_Yah My_Yah says:

    (The beginning of the end?) Get right with God TODAY.

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