George R.R. Martin Presents “Lil Thrones” – CONAN on TBS

George R.R. Martin Presents “Lil Thrones” – CONAN on TBS

Gather round, kids! “Game of Thrones” is getting the Saturday morning cartoon treatment – complete with animated killing and nudity.

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20 Responses

  1. Powerman33 says:

    Valar Morghulis kids

  2. Platzhallter says:

    holy fuck was that bad

  3. Niel Borja says:

    I was genuinely expecting a real kid series but what i’ve seen is even
    better, thank you George

  4. Ruben Wilhelmsen says:


  5. Valeria BK says:

    Fan correction: it wasn’t Robb and Talissa’s wedding but Frey’s daughter

  6. sumner says:

    But they didn’t die at their own wedding…

  7. Bigby Wolf says:


  8. Santiago Padilla says:


  9. Sandul666 says:

    not realistic… hodor wasn’t singing ‘hodor hodor hodor’ during the last
    split scene

  10. Dakka1968 says:

    Hodors bit is classic

  11. JDunlapMusic says:

    I actually expected some subtlety in this video.

  12. FreakieFan says:

    Is this for real? XD

  13. Han Shot First95 says:

    wiener…. wiener-wiener…. wiener-wiener…. wiener-wiener

  14. Sam Eller the Mega Geek says:

    Valar morgules kids 😉 !

  15. Jose Nava says:

    Game of Thrones for kids! You gotta watch! 

  16. Christopher Jones says:


    Ahh Peter DINKLES, lol

  17. jacko macko says:

    So baaaaaaad. Just let conan do remotes instead of this crap.

  18. philac718 says:

    stupidest conan video thus far. can’t believe martin agreed to this.

  19. Lari Boo says:

    That’s fucking disturbing
    Would watch 10/10

  20. WTF 7 says:

    valur morgulis kids :DDD