George W. Bush cries delivering eulogy for his father, George H.W. Bush (Full Eulogy)

George W. Bush cries delivering eulogy for his father, George H.W. Bush (Full Eulogy)

Former President George W. Bush tears up while eulogizing his father, George H.W. Bush, at a state funeral in Washington.
The 43rd president said his father, the 41st president, taught him how to lead.
“He showed me what it means to be a president who serves with integrity, leads with courage and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country,” Bush said. “When the history books are written, they will say that George H.W. Bush was a great president of the United States.”
Bush’s eulogy ended on an emotional note. Concluding his remarks, he added through tears: “Your decency, sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. So through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. The best father a son or daughter could have.”

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82 Responses

  1. Alex Chen says:

    great speech by Bush.

  2. drumbeatclub says:

    Moving eulogy for a great patriot. It would make any Dad proud!

  3. Rosemary Storm says:

    Perfect ending to a perfect goodbye. I am SO honored to be one of the recipients of not one, but two letters from this incredible man for having sent him my song about the War on Drugs when he was bringing Noriega down. I couldn’t be more humbled by receiving these acknowledgments and I will treasure them forever. Thank you for your Service President Bush 41 and your great son, 43. See you in Heaven. xo Love, Rosemary Storm.

  4. Lone Wolf says:

    Damn them last few seconds of the video😓😓😖😖😖🙁😢😢😭😭😭🤧

  5. fleshtone44 says:

    Bless the Bush family and may God eventually heal their hearts. Amen!!!!!

    • darth boner says:

      +Oliver Steininger shut up you fucking jew

    • Kerosin Scott says:

      +darth boner It’s funny how it’s the CNN comments that are filled with antisemitism. And then you guys call the conservatives Nazis….
      , < ̄`ヽ、      / ̄>
       ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
         ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) / TRUMP HAS COME TO STEAL YOUR BABIES!      
      >     ,ノ      

    • SSG Squidward says:

      fleshtone44 Bless? God?
      That fucker got a first class ticket to Hell 😂😂 for all the evil he did on this earth, he killed innocent families in the middle east just for oil

    • SSG Squidward says:

      Kerosin Scott yesss!!! may be burn in hell for eternity

    • Angelo ?! says:

      SSG Squidward dude shut the fuck up you just stay around to say shit

  6. Nick Vautour says:

    Ads in the middle of a presidential eulogy? That’s pretty lame

  7. Ruben Mendez says:

    Bill Clinton looked high on coke

  8. Mr. Grey says:

    Good or bad – A son list his dad. Good or evil prayers are given!!!!

  9. Chelsea Nichole says:

    political views aside … losing a parent is never easy & never will be. made me tear up. xo

  10. NPC NPC says:

    I’m so proud to be an American. Thank you George Bush. Beautiful eulogy for your father.

    • Noah says:

      You’d be proud to know that you don’t know

    • Krispy Kookie says:

      SSG Squidward lmao you’re so butthurt over this that you are literally commenting that is saying nice things to spread kindness. Why does it have to be politics thing? His dad died…

    • Jose Sabillon says:

      I’m proud of the Bush family
      I don’t give shite abiuty Donale trumpe he is the worst president in the history

    • Bridgette’s Ashtray says:

      FIGHTTHECABLE let the butt hurt flow through you. Deep down at the end of the day you know who’s the best that’s why you always know what’s going on here in freedom land from seeing it on your crappy old tv in the shithole country you live in.

    • Noah says:

      +Krispy Kookie he’s not butt hurt, he’s letting people know what that man did over his long shitty crusade.

  11. Marcos Juarez says:

    I think that President George W. Bush delivered his father’s eulogy very well from a former President to another. He did not want to cry, but he did anyway to show his sorrows. President George H.W. Bush will be missed and the other country salutes him. God bless America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • SSG Squidward says:

      Marcos Juarez fuck the whole family i hope they burn in hell for all the evil war crimes they did in the middle east

  12. Suvir Sinha says:

    What a beautiful eulogy.

  13. Linda Flagg, MA, BCPCLC says:

    To quote Michelle Obama, “As a public servant, father, and grandfather, President George H.W. Bush was an extraordinary example for us all,” she wrote. “His spirit of service and decency will be missed by many, including our family. I hope his memory will be a guiding light for our country and those around the world.”

  14. Reginald Bailey says:

    I served in the Army from 1986 – 2006 and President’s Bush (41) and Bush (43) were both my Commanders in Chief. All politics aside, one cannot watch and hear the words of Pres. George H.W. Bush’s son and not feel empathy for him as a human being. It is incredibly difficult to eulogize a parent and Pres. Bush did an amazing job. My deepest condolences are extended to the Bush family as they mourn the loss of their family member.

    • CJ. De says:

      Reginald Bailey … Both my late husband and myself served part of our 26+ Army years under both President Bush. President George H.W. Bush was the first time my eldest son voted and his first Commander In Chief when he enlisted in the Army while we were stationed in Germany and participants in the Gulf War.
      Prayers for the Bush Family and friends in their time of morning and celebration of President Bush’s life.

    • ThatCooleyKid says:

      I completely agree. Thank you for courageously serving

    • Zulu Pride says:

      Are you looking for some type of acceptance

    • Drej Trovski says:

      About that not feeling empathy, its one right here! He killed many human beings so as his son, so yeah, fuck him!

    • David Hadkd says:


  15. Will Betts says:

    Such a perfect eulogy.. Alongside the speeches for death of his mother, the 9/11 attacks, and the financial crisis, Bush has had to put up with so much shit. Yet he would persist and continuously address and lead the country in powerful and confident speeches.

    This time, he wasn’t just a former President simply giving his eulogy, he was a son saying goodbye to his dad.

    • TheMiamirep says:

      Will Betts yes sir! And he did a great job!

    • Rachel Conradie says:

      Great job killing many people.Yes Sir!

    • Tyguy 1 says:

      Will Betts did a great job torturing innocent people and destroying our counties reputation with an illegal, offensive war that has killed over 500,000 Iraqi civilians, like father like son, h.w. Also killed half a million Iraqis with his sanctions, I see the starving lifeless corpses of Iraqi children still. Using false intelligence to commit war crimes and chilling atrocities, what a legacy….

  16. GRAY WOLF says:

    Never liked the Bushs but I’m human and to watch him cry for his father provoked my humanity. We’re all human at the end of the day.

  17. Mike Fede says:

    2:47 bout to catch a fly bill😂

  18. Parabolic Dreams says:

    A fortunate man for his father be alive when he himself is in his 70’s.

  19. That Guy says:

    These damn onions…

  20. Eelco Blaauw says:

    4:16 That is so weird, seeing those people all sitting next to eachother.

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