George W. Bush dances during the Dallas Memorial

George W. Bush dances during the Dallas Memorial

George W. Bush dances during the Dallas Memorial

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20 Responses

  1. ThatGuyInNY212 says:

    And he got voted in….twice!!!

  2. Fake Account says:

    The republicans keep getting better and better. First this guy, now
    freaking Donald Trump. Brilliant, guys.

  3. Stop Eat Please! says:

    This video proves that Bush is more black than Obama! lol

  4. SquadGoals says:

    Why so many Russian people commenting??

  5. derty QWERTY42 says:

    Can you slow brains learn how to rip HD videos properly? THis is the worst
    quality video I have ever seen on youtube in 8 years

  6. Kurt Wagner says:

    He can dance if he wants to. He can leave your friends behind. Cuz your
    friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, they’re no friends of his.

  7. David Law says:

    Its a marching song. Glory Glory Hallelujah.
    The naysayers are to stupid to observe that it was timed as an uplifting
    last song.

  8. 27657Michael says:

    FLOTUS Michelle Obama was checking out Bush: The Sequel

  9. -Tom - says:

    He needs that One Dance.

  10. Dere TR says:

    at least he is not destroying the country like he did in the 8 years when
    he was the President, him dancing like an idiot is a harmless gesture

  11. CH08 Bison says:


  12. Bloody Ax says:

    First the towers, now this.

  13. Kirisute Gomen says:

    This was creepy as fuck

  14. RingBound Productions™ says:

    Lmao but we rather have a democrat and be plunged to the depths of debt.

  15. BrewToob says:

    Still a doofus….

  16. Ahmed Ghazwan says:

    So this is the guy that is partially responsible for destroying millions of
    people’s lives on many sides and countries !!!!????
    And then people wonder why the night is dark and full of terrors.

  17. Haida says:

    So this is what he does when he isn’t saying things like ” Our enemies will
    never stop thinking of ways to kill our citizens and neither will we”

  18. Falchion says:

    Dumb ass dubya. I still can’t believe people voted for him, twice.?

  19. tomas reyes says:


  20. TheJesterfreak says:

    The great George W….. KUSH