George W. Bush On President Trump, Putin, Religious Freedom, Immigration (Exclusive) | TODAY

George W. Bush On President Trump, Putin, Religious Freedom, Immigration (Exclusive) | TODAY

The new book “Portraits of Courage” combines former President George W. Bush’s appreciation for the sacrifices of our veterans with his love of painting. Bush discusses his inspiration for the book with TODAY’s Matt Lauer, and highlights the differences in the first month of Donald Trump’s presidency with his own time in office, including his thoughts on Putin, the need for a free press, the impact of religious freedom on politics and more.
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George W. Bush On President Trump, Putin, Religious Freedom, Immigration (Exclusive) | TODAY

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20 Responses

  1. Inna says:

    That was a good interview President Bush. Thank you for being honest and I love your paintings.

  2. michelles4 says:

    Thank you President Bush for all that you continually do for America and the world. I miss him and Laura Bush in the White House. President Bush has great principles, leadership, and compassion.

  3. MnMCooks 2 says:

    My first like for this man. That is all.

  4. eddy alvarez says:

    When they bring bush out you know the media is in trouble

  5. destinedtogame says:

    So well spoken and done. Trump could learn a lot from this

  6. Theodore Nicklas says:

    damn….he seems like a genius compared to dic-tator-tot…..

  7. My Story says:

    George W Bush is a Man, he wasn’t a whining bitch who had the time to cry about what the media was saying about him. Just like president Obama and other Manly President’s before them. Trump is the only girly president who has time to waste on fighting with american citizens and the media. This is why nobody that’s important and means something to the growth of America doesn’t like nor take trump at face value. Trump is a dud and a waste of time.

  8. Talcon says:

    I didn’t like him as president, but he’s an okay guy

  9. Lady Miss says:

    wow, bush sounds great now that he’s out of office. i wanted to hear more from him

  10. Caroline Guercio says:

    While I didn’t like him as the president he definitely has the right idea when it comes to the media. It’s crucial that we have different takes on politics and the world in general.

  11. Dango Ruiz says:

    Bush sounds like a deep thinker compared to…..

  12. Taylor Beckett says:

    you can kind of tell he was holding back speaking badly about Trump/ disapproving his policies.

    Whether you like Trump or not that’s not the discussion, but it’s obvious he had that look of having more to say but holding back.

  13. Nick Jasper says:

    I will never say he was a good president – he wasn’t. But he genuinely did try and care about the nation to be untied – that I will give to W. I never agreed with what he did while he was president, but I never once felt that he acted like a dictator, like Trump does. Trump only cares about his dummy followers and will never be a president to all Americans.

  14. bochum123123 says:

    You know that the world in trouble, when George W. Bush is more reasonable than the President.

  15. FrankGarrett316 says:

    As a democrat, I may not have agreed with his policies, he may not have been the “smartest” from an academic standpoint, but you know what, he’s seems like a decent, good guy. I don’t see any hatred or malice in his heart. He’s humble and not arrogant – compare that to who we have now….

  16. Cy Ar says:

    Is it just me or somehow he sounds so articulate now!?

  17. Michael Patrick says:

    I never voted for Bush, but in a lot of ways, he’s redeemed himself since being President.

  18. JD Gunn says:

    That moment you realize you’d take Bush back as President over this nightmare we’re all living right now.

  19. nkjenknkwefdk says:

    People are praising Bush because he is bashing Trump, but let’s not forget that his illegal war in Iraq has cost hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions displaced. In essence, he was a war criminal and still is.

  20. markuseraccount1 says:

    George Bush is the typical George Bush. Always blowing his cover. “That’s why I’m here. I’m selling this book.” You weren’t supposed to tell people that ????

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