George W. Bush Returns Cold Open – SNL

George W. Bush Returns Cold Open – SNL

President George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) addresses the nation and compares his presidency to that of President Donald Trump’s.

#SNL #S43

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22 Responses

  1. Ashon Woodbury says:

    Love the taste of propcorn in the morning

  2. PimpJuice3031 says:

    Conservatives and tea baggers, will be highly upset and not realize that this is truth!

  3. Stepz97 • says:

    Condoleezza Rice😂 she was traded to the whites in the racial Draft😂

  4. Snoochie999 says:

    They ARE trying to censor free speech. Soros just admitted it to the world. The internet is the last defense, do not let them take it away.

    If you don’t already know, please research the Federal Reserve, the Petro-Dollar, the power behind Wall Street and MSM, Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 – Warns America, the NWO.

    There are many with a cult-like desire to enslave the world, and they are succeeding.

  5. Julio Sanchez says:

    Funny america the disgrace still continues

  6. peyton steurer says:

    This is painfully awkward and unfunny :/

  7. Combustionsquirrel says:

    Despite what you might think of any biases, the song was pretty funny 😀

  8. Alex Langstaff says:

    Behold, the bottom the barrel. SNL is out of ideas.

  9. evan walker says:

    No matter what he says, SNL can’t rewrite history. Parts were funny, parts were harsh and mean. Just silly SNL comedy.

  10. j jay says:

    Can anyone post a sketch leslie did not ruin by flubbing her lines in an unfunny way

  11. Samsam Hassan says:

    “The nazis kept to themselves”. If can I only put back in their box again

  12. Virginia Taylor says:

    Wow did that suck.

  13. Pomodoro says:

    I am not even conservative and this isnt funny.The jokes are so simple,nothing clever.

  14. hutch says:

    How many years have passed and Leslie Jones still can’t read a damn cue card or keep a straight face.

  15. Wermhats Wormhat says:

    I love God Emperor Trump. Trump 2020! This was funny though. The point is Bush was way way worse than Trump so quit freakin out kids!

  16. Adrian Williams says:

    This was terrible

  17. Celsian says:

    When writers think they understand politics… Wow.

  18. TheRequimen says:

    Not funny. Guess SNL is a little burned out going after Trump these days?

  19. Todd says:

    Just another stupid SNL political sketch. They could have just as easily done a sketch on Carter talking about Barry because after all, Carter was the worst President until our chocolate savior came along…

  20. Jason Kirk says:

    yeah snl just never does it for me

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