Georgia Dome Implosion – TWC Camera Man Losing It LIVE

Georgia Dome Implosion – TWC Camera Man Losing It LIVE

The Weather Channel’s live Facebook feed link [36:20]:

The Georgia Dome, in Atlanta, Georgia, was imploded a short time ago. While The Weather Channel was well prepared to invite all of us into observing the event what they were not expecting was a MARTA bus to obstruct the view during the climax. The reaction of the camera man is much what all of us truly felt. Enjoy!

The Weather Channel Cameraman Monologue:



“Jesus get out of the way bus!”

“Are you . . . . . you . . . . AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!”

“What the . . . [cue bus pressure release noise LOL]!”

“God d—–!”

“Damn lady!!”

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46 Responses

  1. RMJ says:

    If you listen *really* closely, you can hear the bus driver say what sounds like “roll damn tide”.

  2. AreYouCubingMe ? says:

    As a photographer, this would be my luck lol

  3. Gregory W says:

    Anyone think that look the WTC

  4. Nico The Rabbit says:

    I had to quit my job as a bus driver due to paranoia
    Everyone was talking behind my back

  5. yoshibroki says:

    why would you place a camera on the wrong side of the road instead of the side closer to where your camera can’t be blocked off.

  6. robm78 says:

    Thats how traffic accidents are caused everyday by you idiots…. fuckin looky loos

    • fxmercenary says:


    • Claye Eliason says:

      You’re gonna honestly fuckin tell me that if you see a building start to collapse out of nowhere you arent gonna stop a second and look? Even just to make sure no ones hurt?? Just go about your day like you didnt ignore a building collapsing

  7. StewHeffer says:

    That’s probably the first time Marta’s been on time in a long time.

  8. JZ Squared says:

    I love how oblivious people are to their surroundings these days (like that bus driver). As if other people don’t exist in the world. I’ve walked up next to people and they’ve jumped back with a startled look when they finally realized I was there and I’m not a small person.

  9. Mark Hamilton says:

    The Georgia Dome Implosion was an inside job.

  10. zippyzee says:

    4chan has found the driver… he will be doxxed and destroyed by tomorrow.

  11. Paul Newton says:

    Fucking rubbernecking lookie loos getting in the way.
    Cock blocking a historical event from being film but still somehow making internet history.

  12. knowspin says:

    Blame no one but the photographer. Life doesn’t stop because someone sets up a camera and tripod in a lousy location…

    • F.R.I.T.T.Z says:

      hey dumbass… media are told were to set up, they very rarely get the choice, as well as needing to be far enough back to capture it properly… good thing retards like you know everything.

    • gyloir says:

      Umm, if you didn’t notice this but the bus driver didn’t stop to let people on/off, it stopped to watch it (there’s no bus stop there). Also the camera was in the media area they set up for the event.

  13. Brett F says:

    Why am I laughing SO hard

  14. doop00 says:

    Man he did a good job bottling that rage.

  15. Letheification says:

    Troll level “bus driver” achieved.

  16. sddodger says:

    Hahahaha, first the eclipse, now this.

  17. internet person says:

    cool trick. now make it re-appear

  18. Dale Holtzhausen says:


  19. Evan Fowler says:

    Mwa ha ha. You have been Marta’d. Welcome to Atlanta.

  20. Doctor Dank says:

    “Are you ….. y-y- … AAAAGHH!”

    And that, children, is the sound dreams make when they die

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