Georgia State vs. Baylor: R.J. Hunter 3-pointer for the win

Georgia State vs. Baylor: R.J. Hunter 3-pointer for the win

Georgia State’s R.J. Hunter hits the deep 3-pointer to give to take a 57-56 lead with under five seconds to play against Baylor.

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20 Responses

  1. skankuser says:

    This is why March is truly the greatest time of the year.

  2. anton loboda says:

    Everyone’s brackets went down with that coach

  3. Jake Macauley says:

    This is why I love March Madness.

  4. Bryan S says:

    Reason #24,863 why I wish Gus Johnson was still calling March Madness games
    for CBS.

  5. Jorge Hernandez says:

    From the Parking Lot!!

  6. B. Nard says:

    Ron Hunter hitting the floor is exactly what happened to my bracket.
    Thanks a lot, R.J.

  7. Raisha Canlas says:

    This is why I love March Madness! Cinderella stories left and right!

  8. atha2k2 says:

    Best moment in the NCAA Tournament in 20 years…

  9. GreenDay1981 says:

    What an insane first day of the NCAA Tournament (I don’t count the Tuesday
    games). 3 upsets, 2 overtime games, buzzer beaters, controversial endings.
    Everything that makes this Tournament fun to watch.

  10. Kenneth Reed says:

    Go STATE!

  11. Captain Cartman says:


  12. iblaze189 says:

    @Josh V he’s mixed bruh

  13. Robert Sublett says:


  14. Ballplayer300th says:

    Nice to see GSU pull an upset.

  15. nikopstylee says:

    Is it me or did RJ Hunter travel when he first got the ball?

  16. blakatu says:

    Man this was so sick! Love March Madness!

  17. FlynnRider4 says:

    I feel sorry for the Georgia State player all alone in the corner. He was
    wide open, the poor clap wanted to be the hero.

    “Coaches’ sons.” Haha

  18. E Boogie says:

    Crazy thing was RJ Hunter didn’t do anything until the last few minutes of
    the game

  19. dewitt mcintyre says:

    That fall was funny, he hit that loney toons slip

  20. Cameron Fernandez says: