Georgia Tech vs Miami CRAZY Ending | 2023 College Football

Georgia Tech vs Miami CRAZY Ending | 2023 College Football

The college football game between Miami and Georgia Tech had an insane ending as Miami seemingly had the game sealed but decided not knee the ball…

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47 Responses

  1. PSC Highlights says:

    I am speechless. I don’t even think Nebraska has lost a game like this before 😨

  2. Gaurav Agochiya says:

    This might possibly be the stupidest way to lose a game this entire season. There’s just no way that it gets topped.

    • Thatmanzuko says:

      Not just this season bro, all time

    • noggin says:

      I’m not remotely exaggerating when I say this is the stupidest way to lose that I’ve seen *ever.*

    • Gaurav Agochiya says:

      @Nuraby _ Yep, they played UNLV when that happened. That play and the Miracle at the Meadowlands was what helped establish the victory formation.

    • Nuraby _ says:

      Iirc, a long time ago when Baylor was a really bad program (I think it was Baylor), they lost a game when they fumbled a handoff instead of kneeling for the win and the other team recovered, and then vs the same team the next year in the same situation, they went for the kneel but botched the snap, the other team recovered and Baylor still lost the game. 🤣

    • Truth says:

      @ProtoDG nah this is muuuuch worse. This is a 100% secured victory if you just knee. Theres still a chance marshawn gets stopped (even tho he won’t).

  3. XHAD says:

    Y’know there is a reason why The Miracle at the Meadowlands is historically considered one of THE worst football plays of all time and here we are all this time later with coaches not learning from it and wanting to repeat it.

  4. GB_Excessive says:

    As a ND fan I just wanna thank Miami for taking the heat of us with this embarrassment.

    • Hunter Eitel says:

      I mean you guys lost to a ranked team on the road in a fairly hostile environment, no one is gonna hold that against you. Now Miami being at home being 19 point favorites to a team that just got massacred by Bowling Green? I know where all the heat is

    • Cryogenx37 says:

      Louisville simply wanted that win much more and played their hearts out.

      Miami on the other hand… this is an absolute meltdown of a coaching decision and the defense gave up a wide open Hail Mary.

    • win$ton says:

      Same here as a Texas fan 💀

    • Sweet scientist84 says:

      That loss yesterday just set your program back 5 years at least. It’s the same ol ND. Shit offense and a team that would NEVER be able to hold it’s own in a conference. Louisville is NOT a good team.

  5. B-ice Media says:

    As a Miami fan, I am in utter shock, but at the same time, not surprised. Miami has made so many stupid mistakes and blown so many games in the last 20 years. Maybe one day they’ll be back in my lifetime, SMH.

    • Michael MacDonald says:

      It really sucks.. when I was a teenager, miami was the best program and arguably the best ever

    • Blindjager says:

      @Michael MacDonald The crooks and convicts era was insane. Its amazing how far you can go when morals and integrity go out the window.

    • Aaron says:

      The championship game against Ohio State was stolen from them.

    • Dadius Prime says:

      Not with Mario Cristobal as your head coach. He did this at Oregon in 2018 against Stanford which ended up sending the game to OT and a Stanford win.

  6. Mike P says:

    I’m okay with not having Cristobol as our coach. Sincerely; Oregon Duck Fan.

  7. Scott Young says:

    Classic Cristobal. Great recruiter, gets good coaches around him, clueless in the 4th quarter. Did the same thing with Oregon and Stanford forced a fumble and won the game on a fg

  8. Drayyi10 says:

    I guess this is why it makes sense for losing teams to still call a timeout even at the end when it seems hopeless- the other team just MIGHT do something stupid and give you the ball back

    • Katarh says:

      Yup. It ruins the mental rhythm of the offense and breaks up the drill – and means you can sub in a fresh defender or two if the opposing team does a last second swap. Sometimes it’s petty and hopeless, sometimes you have a chance to capitalize on a mental mistake…. like Tech did.

      But heck. Even Mark Stoops took the knee at the last play down a hopeless 51-13 yesterday, rather than risk a last second injury on an already seriously banged up offense.

    • Chris Kay says:

      Except ion this case Georgia Tech was out of timeouts. You take a knee and the game is over.

    • Jason Killey says:


    • GimmeeSomeMo says:

      Yep. All about increasing your chances of winning, even if those chances at the moment are slim to none

    • Ed Lawn says:

      @Chris Kay Interesting, that if Tech doesn’t score, they might have gotten roasted for not throwing the ball into the endzone, because they would have run out of time if the receiver didn’t score.

  9. Taurus Sports Lounge With Matthew Walker says:


    With Oregon leading 31-28 at home and the ball near midfield, Cristobal could have had Herbert kneel to run the clock down to 16 or fewer seconds before punting. (Stanford had one timeout left.)

    Instead, he had CJ Verdell run on 2nd-and-2. The call looked entirely reasonable at the moment, but the redshirt freshman fumbled. Stanford took possession with 51 seconds left and drove to the tying field goal as time expired. The Cardinal won 38-31 in overtime on Colby Parkinson’s juggling touchdown catch and Alameen Murphy’s interception.

  10. Paul McAnally says:

    You lead by 3, on 3rd down with under 40 seconds to go, and your opponent has no timeouts. You take a knee, and the game is over. That was the single worst coaching decision in the history of football, Miami deserved to lose that.

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