German MP suffers ‘cake attack’ over refugee stance

German MP suffers ‘cake attack’ over refugee stance

A German MP was hit in the face with a chocolate cake on Saturday, apparently in protest at her stance on refugees.

Sahra Wagenknecht was targeted at a congress of her far-left Die Linke Party in the city of Magdeburg.

She was sitting in the front row during the opening speech when a young man stopped in front of her and threw the chocolate cream cake in her face, before shouting what sounded like slogans. A self-styled ‘anti-fascist’ group said it was behind the attack.

Wagenknecht has said…

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20 Responses

  1. Vivian Jackson says:

    Of course they attacked the woman mp….that makes it okay and funny…

  2. ZombiesBlood52 says:

    Only if it was Flan i could start overlap a wolf at the door on this clip

  3. Maria 7777 says:

    Very happy. It is a long deserved.

  4. NecroBanana says:

    “I don’t agree with you, but rather than having a civil debate over the
    issue, let me shove foodstuffs on your face for the hell of it. I’m

  5. LeoBrickFilms says:

    I wish this was the usual attack. Cause it’s yummy and harmless. Not all
    the crap that’s going on…

  6. John Mastroligulano says:

    Funny how “leaders” somehow have resources to help externally yet they have
    millions in poverty which they say austerity for you, live in hell for you
    while they add to what they consider their herd pretending to be
    empathetic/charitable when they are causing the conflicts abroad & at home
    to divide up people like diversifying assets. The USA politicians do the
    same thing here while over 50% of our bridges are literally falling
    down/unsafe, Lead & other chemical’s in our water over 50 Million in
    poverty=hell & they won’t let us use are own resources to fix these issues
    yet pretend we can somehow take on more people & if we don’t then well
    we’re racist/prejudice. It’s disgusting what the major leaders/wealthy of
    the World are doing & I hope they are removed & made to pay for what they
    have/our doing so that they really FEEL what they have built/forced on the
    population’s of the World. Playing God doubtful it’s a rest in peace

  7. Taunche Workman says:


  8. Mike Jones (MC Beast) says:

    Better than coffee splashed.

  9. ben t says:

    this should be a thing. it should replace guns and bombs. the world would
    be a lot better place

  10. Glen Conley says:

    coming to an american city near you

  11. 1994CPK says:

    when is the west going to get its balls back. being led by a bunch of
    spinless pussy men and women will ruin it.

  12. demi P says:

    thanks to USA the war creator..

  13. Lavanda Reiniger says:

    Im a Floridian who has lost more than half of my income to Cuban immigrants
    in Miami. I am pissed with Obama for this! (As I should be, its his fault!)
    Nobody wants to see immigrants suffering, BUT WHY SHOULD I SUFFER TO HELP
    THEM? Especially when alot of the immigrants we help DONT EVEN LIKE OR
    RESPECT US! Its the biggest slap in the face. Help them in their country if
    you want to help, Dont relocate them where they will end up hurting your
    own people stupid! With that being said….There are far better ways to get
    your point across than slapping a woman in the face with chocolate cake

  14. martingaming1 says:

    Now for punishment, that idiot who threw the cake and all his female
    relatives are to spend a night in a rapefugee camp, lets see f he still
    agrees that so many of them in the country are such a good idea. These
    idiot liberals need to experience what they blindly support first hand.

  15. 1MuchButteR1 says:

    The day is coming when traitors in Germany will be exterminated by German
    silent majority.

  16. NC Aråb says:

    tbh cake doesnt sound that bad, better to be attacked by cake and me
    licking my lips than being shot in the head.

  17. Dylan Nguyen says:

    Fukn rekt

  18. DarkBungleX says:

    That is the violence you face from pro Muslim, terror groups. This week a
    cake, next week a bullet. A savage always resorts to violence

  19. VitCat says:

    idc who that man is or why he did that, FKING TORTURE HIM.

  20. Jeda Diea says:

    how sweet of him