Germany sends tanks to Ukraine as US says Russia “will be defeated” – BBC News

Germany sends tanks to Ukraine as US says Russia “will be defeated” – BBC News

In a major policy shift, the German government has authorised the supply of dozens of tanks to Ukraine.

The announcement came as Nato and other Western allies met at a US air base in Germany to consider how to help Ukraine defend itself against the Russian invasion.

The United States said Russia would eventually be defeated and promised to support Ukraine “for the long haul”.

Meanwhile the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres held talks in Moscow with President Putin. He said that the war was a violation of the integrity of Ukraine’s territory and against the UN charter.

The Russian leader said he hoped for a diplomatic solution to the conflict and denied Russian involvement in atrocities against civilians.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Russia editor Steve Rosenberg in Moscow and diplomatic correspondent Paul Adams.

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32 Responses

  1. Vitality Massage says:

    imagine Putin using CAN PHONES to communicate across the table with his guests. lol

  2. Daniel Conde says:

    Receiving the UN Secretary General without even greeting him with a handshake, sitting him 3 m away.

    You know, here in Portugal – from where the Secretary General is native – we have a say: _para se ser respeitado primeiro tem de se dar ao respeito_ (for being respected, first you have to give respect).

    • God's Swiffer says:

      clearly you have a comprehensive understanding of what you’re talking about.

    • vladimir putin says:

      Look we have here

    • From Scotland says:


      “It’s obvious whom he’s serving.” – Obviously, the majority of the UN. You remember, where Russia got kicked out of by 93 in favour, 24 against and 58 abstained. Why would UN be representing a non-member?

      Oh, and what are your thoughts on my previous comment and question about using standards equally and NATO entering Ukraine to assist in placing a new government there?

    • Dexter Torres says:

      😠 Hi Daniel Conde Fuk what you saying it here 😠
      mejores 😠

      2 (elecciones ) 9.5/0
      3( culturales ) 9.3/10
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos
      , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos
      desde pantalla, se que estuvo
      Sorprendente . .;

  3. Some TroII says:

    The voice the translator puts on for Putin is killing me! He sounds like a villain in an audiobook!

  4. Cheani says:

    UN stands with Ukraine 🇺🇦💪

  5. Paul Denne says:

    Germany is NOT promising to provide “tanks” to Ukraine. They are obsolete anti air cannon systems on a tank chassis. It is a world of difference between the Gepard and Leopard Main Battle Tank that there a a lot of sitting in storage and would be very easy to train Ukrainian tank crew on.

  6. James Crowder says:

    This translator is something else. The drama in his voice is priceless.

  7. captainjoejoe says:

    Hasn’t Russia been losing this war for 6 weeks BBC? That’s what you keep telling us… so how come they are systematically taking Eastern Ukraine Town by town?

    • Neodym says:

      @jfjd How to use reservists, who are NOT army personal, are working in civilian jobs and have no interest in fighting?

    • jfjd says:

      @Neodym It is relevant because the Russian government is not acting according to what it says.

    • Neodym says:

      @jfjd the total size of the Russian army is 1 million. As there is no war according to the Russian government, the number of 2 million reservists (which is everyone who was in military service in the last 5 years, so hardly an active or ready force) is irrelevant.

  8. BeGunNer says:

    This report was really well done

  9. James miller says:

    If the so called collective west had put in the effort they’re putting now when Ukraine still had the opportunity to implement the Minsk agreement the would have prevented this from happening, but the didn’t infact the encouraged them not to implement it.

  10. M L says:

    That’s not arms. It’s “Special Military Operation Equipment”.

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