Germany vs. Belgium Highlights | FOX Soccer

Germany vs. Belgium Highlights | FOX Soccer

Germany and Belgium faced off in a 2023 international friendly held in Germany. Belgium took close control from the jump and was able to get on the board in the sixth minute after Yannick Carrasco struck the high center of the goal. Three minutes later, Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku put up goal number two after another strike to the center of the goal. Just before halftime, Germany found their first after Niclas Füllkrug converted the penalty. In the 78th minute, Kevin De Bruyne fired in Belgium’s third and final goal. Germany was able to secure their second in the 87th after a wonderful finish by Serge Gnabry, however Belgium would remain victorious for a 3-2 finish.

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Germany vs. Belgium Highlights | FOX Soccer

FOX Soccer

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54 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    What did you think of this match?

    • Wolfgalaxi says:

      It was a good match

    • Alberto L says:

      Gnarby if he would of passed the ball more to the open players in the box.

    • Alenalki Eritrea says:

      Germany is not good

    • J.M.H says:

      German keeper was trash… seriously, the first 2 goals he allowed, he went to his knees, and the bell went over his head. The 2nd one he ducked a little when the ball went over his shoulder. Sorry, but at the national level, that’s unacceptable. I’ve seen Sunday league keepers with more balls and skills…

  2. RickyRoyVisions RickyRuTheJew and rappinrickjames says:

    Lukaku and kevin de bruyne were outstanding in this match against a German team that usually beats them…
    It’s a wonder why we didn’t see this Belgium team at the world cup…

    • Joseph Lumpkin says:

      Because Martinez is a horrible manager that keeps failing up

    • LANZI W says:

      worldcup is a lot o pressure.. lukaku and kdb are definitely genius players but they are also known for underperformance in big games such as champions league games..

    • Skylar says:

      one answer:Roberto Martinez.

    • Milk man The gamer says:

      @Blatt yeah I’m glad he scored after his disappointing performance in World Cup

    • Zachary Leung says:

      @ReplyMNO same. Roberto Martinez ran the same tactics for the last 6 years at Belgium and “the golden era of Belgium” never shined. It’s too soon to say but I have a feeling new management will keep some decent pace with this team

  3. G Studios says:

    Gnabry’s solo run was incredible 😊

    • 12Nordsee says:

      @The Juan and Only it was great run but you are right, it was also selfish and DeBruyne wouldn’t have done this

    • 12Nordsee says:

      True and it was so close…..

    • chito1o10 says:

      @The Juan and Only not a terrible miss. I replayed it over and over because of the graceful run a terrible miss would of been a shot that was no where near close. He hit post. More like a unlucky miss. Not a terrible one.

    • crankdatbatman23 says:

      @The Juan and OnlyJust because he wears the number 10 doesn’t mean he plays the number 10 role on the pitch. We both know Lukaku doesn’t play as a number 10 for Belgium so I don’t understand the deflection to De Bruyne who doesn’t even wear number 10 😂…in conclusion they’re different players capable of different things and it’s hard to compare them as they have different playing styles 🤷🏾‍♂️💯 how do you even mention the word terrible after seeing that haha

    • Anibal Miranda says:

      But he missed the finish,the gol,he thought he was Lionel Messi but then he woke up.

  4. Johnathan Patrick says:

    Belgium hadn’t beaten Germany in almost 70 years??!! That’s nuts. 😮😮

  5. Kaleidoscope says:

    That gnabry goal would’ve been insane

  6. Kapapapapat says:

    Man if I was a Belgium defender I’d kick the ball into goal for gnabry. What a shame it didn’t go in.

  7. man citi says:

    if only belgium would put this much energy & urgency into the world cup …they might be contenders

  8. Wesley Nichols says:

    it’s basically a law of nature that if Timo Werner scores, he is offside

  9. Kryptic517 says:

    De bruyne is just class isnt he

  10. JuJuHakusho says:

    What a comeback that would’ve been. Belgium proving that they’re still a top 10 team

    • bjehulk says:

      No, Belgium literally cannot defend and they almost bottled it. They have world class talent but they still aren’t a team

    • Thom A says:

      @Sergio Mercado  belguim too , with a new trainer. Half of the team are new, and That was his second games after 7 years of Roberto Martinez era .. Martinez waste the Golden generation of Belguim . He should be fire more than 3 years ago

    • Leon the third says:

      @Sergio Mercado pretty strong line up, with kimmich goretska, ter stegen, gnabry, wirtz,

    • Sergio Mercado says:

      No… they beat a german team experimenting with new talent. They didnt even call up any of their more experienced players and had some injuries

    • Normal poster says:

      Dude, no..

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