Germany vs. Japan Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Germany vs. Japan Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Germany and Japan go head-to-head in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. In an intense first half Germany overpowered Japan on ball control. After multiple attempts on goal they capitalized on a penalty kick after Shuichi Gonda fouls David Raum in the 31’ followed by a Ilkay Gundogan goal. Germany had almost secured another goal but it was overturned by VAR. Japan had chances but they weren’t able to land a finishing blow before the end of the half. The second half was a different story. Japan came out with more aggression. They netted two goals by Takuma Asano and Ritsu Doan. Japan went on to win 2-1.

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Germany vs. Japan Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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36 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Were you shocked by this outcome?

  2. Phillips Le says:

    Japan’s goalkeeper was absolutely incredible. I love Kaoru Mitoma and his ability to create chances! That goal by Takuma Asano at that angle left me speechless, what a fantastic goal!

  3. Galoag2012 says:

    I’m Mexican and I’ve always have had so much love and respect for Japan! Amazing squad and amazing results 🇲🇽🤝🇯🇵

  4. Mundo SOL&MAR says:

    I, as Japanese, am so proud of this outcome⚽️🇯🇵 Thank you for your support of wining for Japan!!! I’m just happy to witness the warm supports from all of over countries!! The team absolutely showed to never give up and keep going for your belief🎉

  5. g00dl00kinb0i says:

    The Japanese players deserved the win like no other team today, they never gave up or became emotional or argumentative in the face of initial loss, they also played some of the cleanest football you’ll see in this entire event with almost no fouls👌
    I never was a fan of Japan but today I was screaming my throat out cheering them on !
    Well done Japan !!!

  6. BoysGoneWild says:

    Japanese goal keeper deserves an MVP for this game! And the 2nd goal by Asano was fabulous.
    Proud to be Japanese!

  7. Sarah Oh says:

    Big applause to the goal keeper in Japan team. He did a great job stopping all the shots.

  8. Migznpigz says:

    Congratulations Japan, Germany is no easy feat and the second goals was delightful. Great job to the keeper and the rest of the team.

  9. Mark Garduno says:

    Oh how beautiful the game can be when the unexpected happens. Let this be a reminder to all teams, there are no small rivals in World Cup and never underestimate your opponent. Bravo Japan 🗾!

  10. Ahsan Hussain says:

    Outstanding performance by Japan, 2nd goal was astonishing!🔥🔥🔥

    • ando1135 says:

      My uncles wife (German) must be furious hah…and here I am living in japan and couldn’t be happier for the Japanese team 😊

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